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  1. I have a set of shapton glass sharpening stones and this is the method I use to get them dead flat if they begin to dish. As long as the crystal is truly flat this is a heck of a idea.
  2. This isn't a answer that comes from a watchmaker perspective. I've used a baldur buffer to buff briar smoking pipes. Worked a wonder on a plastic crystal as well(change the wheel[emoji1787] carnuba does not do great on a watch crystal). If you happen to have access to one it'll work great. Now to see what a real watchsmith recommends. I just play with my own watches.
  3. Got ya. I wasn't thinking about how it would mount. Makes sense now that I actually think about it.
  4. 1198-103 is 3.7mm high while the 2824 is 4.6 mm high. Does that mean I would need to create a spacer for the back of the movement?
  5. Im sure the 103 is thicker because of the date complication. I'll check height vs 2824.
  6. Or I could just pick up a new dial without a date and get a new case for the dial I have. Choices[emoji23]
  7. So in the end it looks like the 1198-103 works. I'll give it a go and if it doesn't work I'll have a movement for a new project.
  8. Thanks Rodabod! My ability to access what I need just jumped exponentially. Im going to download the complete website on to my laptop later so if the website goes down I'll have a backup to use.
  9. Awesome website. I've just got to figure out how to navigate it. I appreciate you telling me about the website. It seems to be a treasure trove of info.
  10. I've got everything but the movement. I'm not sure if stem height is different. I've found several accounts if people using the ISA to replace the 2824, but no real info on how.
  11. If I remember correctly .75mm but I'm not taking the watch apart to measure. I'm usually really good at remembering the specs when I do something so I'm very confident. Hopefully someone can confirm.
  12. So I'm putting together parts for my second watch build. I've got a 2824 case in the mail. It would make sense for this one to be quartz because it won't see much wrist time. So if I purchase a ISA 1198 what problems am I looking at? I know the second hand is a different size. Will the crown fit? Is there any issue I'll run into if I decide to go this way?
  13. Good to know not to use Timex. I'm at the stage where I would like to learn to service my own watches. I'll skip buying Timex to learn on. Would a 6497 movement to a good choice?
  14. Best of luck resolving this out of court.
  15. Welcome to the madness that is the watch hobby. Always something to learn. Great hobby. No offense intended. Your Rolex is not the watch to learn on. I'm new to the group, but have done enough to know that you WILL damage things when your learning, it's far better to damage a $10 Timex than a Rolex. You can get to the Rolex later. Was your Rolex serviced by Rolex? What was the bad experience?
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