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  1. One question that has cropped up for me a couple of times while watching your movement disassembly and reassembly videos is how you keep all the screws straight in your head, i.e. which screws go with which part? I can see how you systematically lay everything out on your bench as you are disassembling, but once you put it all together to go into the cleaner, any sort of order on the bench would be lost, right? In the case of different sized screws, it would seem a bit more clear, but I worry about mixing screws of the same diameter but slightly different lengths. Would such a thing occur frequently in complex watches? I've only worked on the simplest of time pieces so far, so I haven't gained any real world experience in dealing with this issue, but you've dismantled some pretty intricate movements on video and I was hoping you might share your thoughts and guidance. Thanks! ~Dan
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