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  1. Hello all, I need to find parts for this military watch from Abercrombie & Fitch from the 40’s. I don’t think it is an Heuer movement but was wondering if anyone could help ID it. I looked on Ranfft site but could not tell how to begin a search. Thanks for the help. Ps it has a sundial for seconds in lower center.
  2. I've viewed this video ( I think its yours) and it is a big help in understanding how it can be done. You had two old part barrels and you unwound and rewound by hand. Is that the one? I have never seen anyone simply transfer the spring directly from the disc which seems logical.
  3. Hello All, I am going to attempt a mainspring replacement for the first time and I will try to do this by hand as I do not own the set of winding tools. I know it would be infinitely easier but they are not inexpensive and I am new to all of this. Question is...the mainspring comes coiled in a disc typically. Can it be transferred to the barrel without unwinding it and rewinding it into the barrel? I apologize if this question seems lazy but I am trying to do this without too many chances to become unwound.
  4. Thanks for your smart answer. Always get a lesson every time you reply!
  5. Hello All Can anyone help me identify a UN movement from the 40’s or 50’s. The only Id numbers are 3000464 which I think is a serial number and bxp. Which I think were export numbers. I need to find a HS. thanks
  6. Wow! Great stuff to read. I think this is a job for someone with skills much higher than me. I did look for other 9P1 movements online and they are out there, simply not very inexpensive as one could guess. Thanks to all for a good read.
  7. Hello all i just got a piaget watch that has a 9P1 movement and I still have a few days to return it if necessary. The problem is that the hands do not move under normal watch function. The balance wheel is moving fine and the pallet is working great and from what I can see the other wheels are rotating. The hands can be moved when the stem is pulled and rotated. My guess is a problem in the keyless works. Does this sound like a problem that can be fixed without too much trouble or would you return this watch? I don’t want to get into it until I know I will keep it. thanks again
  8. I simply identify the required crystal diameter or dimensions using a digital caliper and then find the most appropriate crystal in the G-S supply catalog available online. This is the easiest part of watch repair for me, hope you have luck too.
  9. Mainspring was broken! Ordered a new old stock spring. Can this be installed without a mainspring winder tool? It seems that it could be transfered directly to the casing from the ring it is delivered in. I do not own any mainspring tools and do not want to buy a set right now. Thanks
  10. After moving the spring between the guides, it has slowed down considerably. I imagine there are multiple issues with this movement. Thanks again for all your great comments and help!
  11. Thanks for the instruction. The ratchet wheel and the crown wheel seem to be fine and turning, just without end.
  12. Thanks Nucejoe! I do hear and see the ratchet and crown wheel turning, just not the clicking sound of a broken spring that I have heard before.
  13. The watch is not running. The balance wheel is in great shape (well balanced and appears to make an effort to oscillate but with no power from the mainspring...
  14. Hello All, I have a vintage (1955) ETA 2390 movement that is part of a A&F Super shipmate watch. The stem turns the winding wheel and stem wheel endlessly. Is this the deathnail for the mainspring? I usually hear a clicking sound when the mainspring has broken but I hear nothing. Is there something else to check why the watch mainspring offers no power? Thank you
  15. The spring was sitting at the bottom of the adjusting pins but was not seated between them. I did move the spring to within the pins and it has performed better but is still running fast. I will try moving the regulator to retard the balance wheel a bit as see . Thank you all for helping me as I stumble through the basics!
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