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  1. Hello Friends i have a newbie question on checking a mainspring on a Helvetia movement. Without getting to the mainspring, is it possible to determine if the spring is broken? Watch will wind (not run) to full resistance. I assumed that if the spring were broken the watch would wind indefinitely. Is this true? Getting to the mainspring involves quite some work and I am not sure how to diagnose. thank you all again for the lessons.
  2. Thanks again OH. The balance /hairspring assembly was removed and cleaned in a naptha solution, reinstalled and it is running very close to accurate time. Probably as good as it ever was. Regards.
  3. Hello, I just did the same work to my skagen chronograph quartz and the crystal had a thin gasket around it that was set with mastic / UV glue. The gasket was not salvageable but the crystal went back into the bezel just fine with UV glue. Hope this helps.
  4. It is a R. Lapanouse S.A. 1 Jewel Rego 147 movement from 1965 ?
  5. Hello All, I dug a 60's - 70's Cimier sport chronograph out of my "project" box and was able to get the escapement wheel to work but the watch now runs very fast ( a couple of hours fast in a day). I suspect the hairspring may be clumped or simply bad. Upon inspection though, it did not look too bad. The regulator has no real effect on the speed of the wheel. Any ideas or thoughts on what may be making this watch run fast? I know these are not the best quality movements but there are many out there still working. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hello all with best wishes for a great holiday season and end of year, My puzzler today involves a record 107c movement in a Kingston watch datofix. The stem turns the ratchet wheel when winding but the watch runs only when the screw of the ratchet wheel is turned. Obviously the stem is not winding the spring but the screw is. Anyone know what may be happening here. Just replaced the stem with no difference. The winding does not sound “smooth” but is a little louder than would be expected. Thanks chris
  7. Here are two photos with a few gears removed at the hand shaft. The first photo 7235 shows the position of the minute hand at the 30 minute chiming. The second photo 7237 shows the minute hand at the warning for 30 minute chiming. As you can see it is about 4-5 minutes ahead. Any ideas on how to correct? Thanks
  8. Thank you very much! That did it. Great instruction and I appreciate your help.
  9. Hello All Just picked up a zodiac watch with a ronda 5021.D swiss made quartz movement and I see that there is a hole with an arrow that I believe is how the stem is removed. It is not possible to see any lever and I do not want to just poke anything in there without having an idea how it works. Any one know how to release the stem via this hole? I was not bale to find any videos on this movement except one where the person was just giving an opinion on the movement. Thank you very much
  10. Thanks HSL. How much do you want for it? I agree that it would be a shame but I don't think these watches have much value. The case is very similar to the hamilton piping rock deco style that was very popular long ago.
  11. yes. The escapement wheel spins as does the rest of the drive train. It appears like the pallet fork has snapped. Thanks for the diagnosis. Not sure how that happened. This movement might become parts as I suspect a pallet fork will be tough to find. Thank you very much.
  12. Hairspring ... of course. Thanks for the tips. I will look at these tonight.
  13. Joe, What is the h/s stud? Do you mean the set lever pin? I am not familiar with h/s designation.
  14. Hello All, My latest find is a deco watch with an americus movement which as I have been able to tell is a garden variety swiss movement that was imported under the americus name sometime in the 30's or 40's . Problem with this watch is that when I turn the stem in the winding position, all gears are set in motion. It was working fine, I had removed the stem to do some case work and when I put the stem back in, this problem resulted. Any thoughts on what I may have done? Thanks for all your continued help.