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  1. Mystery solved! After a bit more aggressive prodding, the metal plate with the circle can be removed to reveal the full circuit board/ movement for the watch et voila, the 371 1.55v battery with contact! The electrical contact with spring must be part of the circuit that grounds to the back of the clock, although it does seem odd still. I have only seen one photo of the back removed on another watch and did not see this condition. The watch is running perfectly now!
  2. Feeling a little foolish...forgot to post the telling photo. This should take a 1.55 V cell battery as I know.
  3. I hear crickets.....oh well.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I know this is thought to be a subjective issue but in every issue there is some level of objectivity. I appreciate your opinion.
  5. Hello all, I wanted to get some opinions about when a dial should be refinished. As refinishing a dial often devalues a vintage watch of value/collectability, I assume it is a judgement call based on the degree of paint loss and the value of the watch to a collector. I have been told that collectors often would rather have a watch with a damaged original face than one that has been refinished. Any experience with vintage dials or opinions are appreciated. Thank you
  6. Hello Friends, I recently got an EBEL quartz alarm clock which is a novelty item that is shaped like a loupe. It is called "Loupe" and it needs a battery. When I opened the back of the case, it had no battery, just an electric contact that was positioned in approx. 70 degrees vertical and had a spring covering the contact. Has anyone had any experience with this piece? Does anyone know what kind of battery it takes. It is quite possible that the contact has been bent but I doubt it. Thank you I will take a picture of the open back and post when I can. Below is a stock photo of the clock for those who have never seen it.
  7. I am now trying to match a balance wheel from another 10.5 lignes movement to the balance cock assembly! Desperate times call for desperate measures...
  8. Thank you very much watchweasol and nickelsilver! You made easy work of this for me. I was amazed at the few threads I found online that suggested this was more of a mystery. Very easy. Thank you again.
  9. Hello All, Just picked up a travel alarm clock manufactured by Cyma. There are four screws to access the back of the clock, fair enough. The alarm winding key, time set and clock winding knobs must be removed prior to removing the back. The two knobs do not have a set screw or any obvious way of removal. The time set knob obviously turns freely in either direction. Before I butcher these knobs, does anyone have exprerience removing these curled knobs? I have read that some of these have a split stem that can be pulled off? I have also read that most clock repair people never want to mess with these clocks because they are problematic and usually have been worn to a pulp. Any advice? Thank you
  10. I appreciate your interest in looking. I am sure something may turn up on ebay one of these days. The best fit manual lists nothing for Helvetia.
  11. Hello All, I have an old Abercrombie and Fitch Ship mate watch that has a helvetia 81 movement (or a ZentRa 6/70) and it needs a new hairspring / balance wheel assembly. Does anyone know if another cal of the Helvetia (General watch Co. ) is compatible with this movement. I believe it is 10.5 lignes and have a great deal of trouble finding a donor movement for the 81. Thank you again.
  12. Hello Friends i have a newbie question on checking a mainspring on a Helvetia movement. Without getting to the mainspring, is it possible to determine if the spring is broken? Watch will wind (not run) to full resistance. I assumed that if the spring were broken the watch would wind indefinitely. Is this true? Getting to the mainspring involves quite some work and I am not sure how to diagnose. thank you all again for the lessons.
  13. Thanks again OH. The balance /hairspring assembly was removed and cleaned in a naptha solution, reinstalled and it is running very close to accurate time. Probably as good as it ever was. Regards.
  14. Hello, I just did the same work to my skagen chronograph quartz and the crystal had a thin gasket around it that was set with mastic / UV glue. The gasket was not salvageable but the crystal went back into the bezel just fine with UV glue. Hope this helps.
  15. It is a R. Lapanouse S.A. 1 Jewel Rego 147 movement from 1965 ?