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  1. I'll probably take a good look after maybe six months. If I were more serious about this little experiment I guess I should have done a full inspection under the microscope of the pivots etc before I oiled it. I should then have taken pictures of my oiling efforts to give us a baseline to work from. Anybody who wants to do a more thorough and scientific test could make up a similar witches brew for themselves. 80% supermarket own brand scent free baby oil 20% Gold Label Neatsfoot Oil, 0% extra virgin Swiss pressed gold bar extract. Also an experiment with only one watch isn't going to
  2. The Slippery Seconda is back on my wrist again today. It is still ticking away perfectly despite its dubious diet. It was sitting around +4s/d dial up prior to winding, and around -4 to -1s/d after winding. The swing seems to pick up slightly (to slightly better than 280 degrees) after it has been worn for a few minutes, which is probably due to the fact that it currently gets pretty cold round here at night.
  3. Thanks, I was just about to look for that but you beat me to it.
  4. No eyebrows is not a good look. Could be worse though I guess. I'll take a look in my stash this evening and see if I have a suitable BFG 866 donor in case you need parts. I doubt if I have a date version, but I probably have something I can pop in the post (FOC of course). By the way, you will generally get away with dunking a pin lever movement like this in lighter fluid, but I wouldn't recommend it for something a little more delicate. Fine for the more agricultural stuff like Timex mechanicals, BFG 866 and EB8800 perhaps, but not for anything more fragile. Also the puri
  5. Surely you need to stencil the number on the back with a rattle can of automotive paint.
  6. Naptha will dissolve the old tired and tarry oils, and free up all of the gummed up parts. Naptha == Lighter fluid. Unleaded petrol also works. Obviously these products are highly flammable, and probably not very good for your lungs or skin, so work in a well ventilated area, avoid smoking or juggling with fire, and wear gloves. Lightly oil means VERY lightly oil.A tiny amount. Just enough to lubricate those tiny pinions and no more. Any excess has a nasty habit of migrating to places it shouldn't like the dial, the crystal, or worst of all, the hairspring. At all costs, avo
  7. Its Timex Tuesday for me today. A 1972 Viscount (46562 03272) with an almost iridescent champagne dial.
  8. Very nice. Is that a midnight blue dial or black? Hard to tell from the picture.
  9. That is a BFG866 - not too difficult to find, and I may even have a donor in my stash. I'd need to check. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Baumgartner_866 https://17jewels.info/movements/b/baumgartner/baumgartner-866/ Your version is the 17 Jewel Calendar version, but I think most parts are interchangeable between the different versions. Cousins have some parts. https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/bfg-movement-parts Cousins also have the service manual which will detail the differences between the different version
  10. This recently joined the club, and I posted about it when it arrived. It went back under the microscope this evening, having mysteriously stopped dead. The culprit was a tiny fibre which had worked its way into the balance, causing it to be wildly out of beat. Once removed everything was back to normal. I've included a mystery mechanism shot, since I couldn't actually identify what rather pedestrian pin lever is powering this one. It is stamped [RE], One Jewel, Ingersoll YY, 1513 Swiss, none of which elicited anything useful from aunty Google. I previously stated it h
  11. More wood work restoration today. This time a rather nice Regency style marquetry dresser wardrobe which now has pride of place in the second bedroom. My French polishing technique is improving, and I managed to do a reasonably presentable restoration of the somewhat trashed surface under the central mirror. I also sorted out a lot of other cosmetic damage, fixed up the wear and scratches on the plinth and applied some boiled linseed oil to various panels that were so dried out they were starting to split and go white. It still has a few remaining battle
  12. Ingersoll pin lever with exactly zero jewels, since the "shock protection" appears to be one of those strange plastic jobs. It arrived stone dead and fully wound, and I was a little suspicious that the balance might be kaput. The balance however was fine, so I didn't mess with it, as I'm not convinced that those things wont faint at the fist whiff of any form of solvent, and never wake up again. Instead it got a quick teardown, some hand cleaning and re-assembly, a spot of the horse liniment witches brew to loosen its aching pivots, a light dial and hand cleaning session and
  13. Could you inject tinted clear acrylic into the inclusions, or fill with some other material. This might allow you to then slice it without loss of structure.
  14. Thanks. I'll see if I can locate something suitable.
  15. Close up of the five bar gate pocket watch, showing the HR engraved on the main plate under the balance. It looks much nicer here, following a clean than it did when it arrived full of potatoes. The case also got some TLC, and I have some hands on order. I'm swithering about what kind of crystal to fit. Flat or domed, or even domed acrylic.
  16. Its been 15 days since the Slippery Sekonda last checked in, so here is a quick health report. Still looking fine, and almost identical to the last set of readings.
  17. Drilling the center hole try using a smaller pilot drill first, also try a piece of masking tape over the blank prior to drilling. I suspect that slow speed rather than high speed may be the way to go too.
  18. Clearly its the bargain of the century. I particularly like the crystal clear lettering on the transparent dial, and the limpid hands and ice like case is a master touch. Now open your wallets everybody and repeat after me.. "Help your self!"
  19. I guess it depends on how you define "safe". Not particularly safe if you drop one of your gallium fillings on the floor of a 747, half way across the Atlantic, but then again I think mercury is banned on flights for a very similar reason. The interesting thing about gallium is how little of it you need to completely destroy the integrity of aluminium.
  20. It occurs to me that I may not be the only one who tends to listen to a little music while I'm "in the zone" tinkering with some ancient time piece or other. Today for some reason I seem to be in a slightly melancholic mood. I blame the long dark nights and cold days of the Scottish winter which is closing in fast, so this seems appropriate. I don't speak a word of Swedish, but you don't need to. Besides the scenery looks so close to home that it is uncanny. The tune is now so firmly stuck in my head that I may have to subject my long suffering wife to me tr
  21. The odd behaviour suggests some other alloy, or the mercury is somehow sticking to the glass. There are a number of low temperature alloys including Woods metal that might work as pendulum, since they contain heavy metals like bismuth and lead, and which become liquid at less than the boiling point of water. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood's_metal Mercury amalgams are very odd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JW8YGTdTjA .. and then there is Gallium
  22. Thanks, I suspected it might be Swiss, but the use of "depose Argantan" (and the fact that the seller was in Lyon) made me wonder if it might be French. I'm going to check to see if I have any suitable hands for it. I don't have a crystal, so far as I can tell, so I will need to order one.
  23. Cleaned and running, possibly for the first time in many years, a (French?) depose Argentan (cupronickel) cased 16"' cylinder escapement pocket watch with unknown maker (caliber is stamped H.F). It winds and sets just fine, and runs within about +/- 30s/day. It still needs hands and a crystal, but other than that I would say it is done. Any tips for sorting those two bullet holes in the enamel? I popped in a light coating of titanium white acrylic, to make them slightly less obvious, but I'll need to see if I can do something a little more artistic, and cosmetically
  24. I wonder if it is leaching lead out of the glass to form an amalgam. It doesn't take much to change the properties of pure mercury.
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