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  1. well please allow me to disagree with you as did not seems to be a fake .I got some fresh info but regarding it ,seems that its from a transition period of Mondia company at the begginninggg of Swiss (initial was an italian company) and it can be between 40's-60's. I do not know how real is this info and i cannot wait to get more info about this watch. Maybe there is someone who can bring the light in this . thank you all
  2. thank you for your fast reply much appreciate
  3. Thank you for your interest of helping me ,much appreciate . i attach a foto with the moovement and if there are any other details i can provide please let me know . thank you again
  4. Hello all i need help with a Mondia watch i find in an old house . I search everywhere i did not find anything about this model . The watch its perfectly working and i d like to know much about it . Thank you
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