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  1. Yes I saw this deal as well. It seems a lot of their other items are on sale as well. Has anyone used Rubis tweezers before? https://timesavers.com/i-24048628-rubis-pattern-3c-tweezers.html
  2. I have this vintage Seiko digital LCD watch from around 1985. The "dial" seems to be very dirty and I'm wondering how I can go about cleaning it. It looks like its mostly dirt and grime. What can I use to clean it? I tried looking around for a NOS dial with no luck...
  3. Like Seiko TSF-451? Would peg wood be a good way to apply it?
  4. The bezel o-ring on my Seiko SKX I believe needs some lubrication considering that the action is starting to stiffen up and also upon further inspection, there doesn't seem to be much lubrication on it at all. I'm wondering what kind of greases you guys use? Is the cheap non-swiss stuff from CousinsUK ok to use or should I use something else? https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/gasket-grease-applicator-non-swiss
  5. CousinsUK might have some left over stock before the swatch group cut supply... Also check other material houses.
  6. So I decided to buy a set of Indian screwdrivers from cousinsuk awhile back: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/indian-stainless-steel-7-pieces I'm now looking to upgrade my screwdrivers and I saw this on esslinger: https://www.esslinger.com/reversible-blade-replacement-screwdriver-straight-tip-set-watch-tool/ They're the same style of reversible blades that the Indian ones have and they're made in France. Should I try fitting them with these or just buy a whole new higher quality screwdriver set altogether?
  7. I recently bought a few old cheap watches to work on and I believe some of them have radium on the dial and hands. Yesterday I accidentally touched the dial with my fingers and opened up the others to inspect them.. Should I be worried? Should I not work on watches with radium on them?
  8. I understand that watch oils is a very heated topic, but as a beginner, I really don't have the money to buy all the recommended oils from moebius. I understand it is important for watchmakers to have the proper oil, but for a hobbyist, it is very expensive and it's not like I'm servicing an extremely high grade movement anyways. Now I was looking at alternatives like Novostar and Nye. Novostar B seems like a good option for pivots and pallet forks as well as they're barrel grease for mainsprings. Anyone have any experience with these brands and oils? Thanks,
  9. Also, with regards to cleaning. I had read that I could use lighter fluid and a bit of pegwood to clean the movement since I will probably not have the space to have an ultrasonic cleaner or afford the cleaning chemicals that go along with it.
  10. What about Oils? Which oils would you recommend to buy as a beginner. Is there a brand other than moebius (since they are rather expensive)?
  11. What kind of stone do I use for sharpening screwdrivers? Also saw a listing for some used swiss made tweezers on ebay: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Assortment-of-3-Watchmakers-Tweezers-Anti-Acid-Dumont-C-E-Marshall-Watch-Repair/192589128159?hash=item2cd734e1df:g:uQUAAOSwBUpbPRed:rk:5:pf:0 Would this be a good buy?
  12. So I recently just tore down a Chinese standard movement(2650s) and it's essentially destroyed now lol. I used the cheapest tools I could find on cousins uk which include a movement holder, screwdrivers, tweezers and a loupe. Do you think I should upgrade my tools to higher quality or use the same tools and try to perfect my technique? I don't want to spend too much on tools, so bergeon is out of the question, so I'm looking at alternatives like AF Switzerland for screwdrivers. I think I might upgrade my movement holder since the indian one is a POS and wobbles on the table.
  13. Hi, I'm very interested in taking up watch repair as a hobby. I recently tore down a Chinese Standard movement (2650s) and ended up destroying it lmao. So I hope to improve my skills and be able to service old watches. Thanks,
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