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  1. ISO Ceramic Bezel 42mm OD, 34mm ID. Fits Revue Thommen (Grovana) Dive 17030.2. Nothing close available at CousinsUK (best I can tell?). Factory can supply me with Aluminum, but I want to "upgrade" to ceramic. ...the closest bezel I find is the blue ceramic for certain Rolex Yacht-masters. UGLY! ;) Suggestions on where to shop, please? Thanks in advance! .z
  2. ISO bezel insert: 42mm OD, 34mm ID. So far, I have only located the bezel I need through the Swiss manufacturer and (as you can imagine) the cost+shipping are higher than ideal. No luck using Frei, Cousins, etc. Thoughts on where to hunt? Thanks in advance! .zeb
  3. Bergeon has some nice kits! BERGEON-6817-09 looks really nice!
  4. Me? I'm a holdover from the manual and electro-mechanical typewriter industry. I have carried a tool kit all my life to the point that my tool kit arm is longer than the other! LOL! I'm old, but still curious as a cat and might finally be getting serious with my Horology education-have tinkered with watches for years, but nothing serious. -opened my first watch case back in the 1960's and watched parts go a-flyin' ! Luckily, it was my brother's watch, so I wasn't out anything! Recently I have been trying to regulate a Sellita SW200 that was gaining 2 minutes per day. With help from a large magnet the watch is now at minus 15 seconds per day. Hoping to learn enough to take care of the problem, Currently in process of buying proper tools, I have a low dollar kit, but it is just not good enough (in my opinion). I'm a stickler for correct sized screwdrivers and despise a marred screw head! My goal with screws are to keep them looking un-touched! Best! Zeb