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  1. Thanks for all your help.i have only changed crystals,hands and whole movements before so thought I'd have a go.
  2. Thank you for reply. the Ronda 1113 is sold as new old stock. Working and at only £8.50. I will pick one up and practice. Thank alot.
  3. Hi. I'm looking into having a go at disassembly and hopefully rebuild a movement. I've came across a Ronda 1113 are these good for a beginner to try with or any suggestions? Budget low. Thank you
  4. Hi. Thank you for your replies,it is 23.8 . So 10.5? It's date is 3 o'clock with seperate second at 6.i managed to source a ebauche but does not come with hour wheel?can this come off the hold one and easy to fit?or maybe a different company movement can be used? Look forward to your reply.
  5. Hi all. Looks great site with plenty to read into.
  6. Hi folks, need help if anyone can advise I would be very grateful. I have a watch with a Fe movement,7120/22 ,from what I see these no longer exist.i found someone selling the same movement number,only issue is they also added a 10 and half and other just a 10,what are these numbers associated too as I can't see anything on movement only an A next to the movement number? Or is there another movement I could use and how do I know the code to the other movement? Hope I made sense. Thank you.
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