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  1. Wildboar

    Hello all!

    I don’t have many watch glass stocks sadly. What size do you need as I might know a man...
  2. Wildboar

    Girocap spring

    I saw that movement, I think it’s more likely a disgruntled watchmaker with a hammer! Not sure it’s even worth the postage, except for the unobtanium spring that is....
  3. Wildboar

    Hello all!

    I usually wind the chain on last. I wind it onto the fusee then hook it onto the barrel and slowly wind it off the fusee onto the barrel using a watch key on the square on the barrel arbour. Of course make sure that the verge and balance are out of the watch are out when you do this! It’s then just a case of getting everything set up and in beat....
  4. Wildboar

    Hello all!

    Hello, I’m a uk based watchmaker mainly working on early verge escapement pocket watches. Although they are, in principle, a lot less complicated than modern wrist watches there aren’t any spare parts available, so I end up having to make from scratch or adapt something. I’m now starting to learn a bit more about wrist watch work, mainly vintage watches, so have joined here for some tips and information. At the moment I’m cleaning and repairing my own Universal Geneve polerouter date, with a lovely caliber 69 microtor movement. Thanks for reading!
  5. Wildboar

    Girocap spring

    I have the same problem on a caliber 69 microtor, someone has replaced the top girocap with a jewel and Incabloc spring. Did you ever find a suitable donor movement or straight up replacement? cheers