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  1. I don't know if this would help but I have ordered the exact mainspring -- for Seiko 6309A movements -- from cousinsuk.com . I'm also from Norcal but have found that none of the US vendors use GR codes and their websites are extremely hard to navigate when ordering parts. With Cousins, I just type in "GR2534X" in the search box and they will show you the item listing. I usually order a bunch of mainsprings to save on overseas shipping (it takes about 7-10 days to reach the US and clear customs, which is quite fast).
  2. I've been going through Mark's watch repair course and have made it through the first 2 levels. I'm slowly going through Level 3 and want to thank Mark and all the forum members for sharing their immense knowledge on watchmaking and repairs. I've learned a lot after having practiced cleaning and repairing my old vintage watches, and I feel, after going through Mark's course, a new and deep appreciation of the little machines we wear on our wrists and of the folks who are passionate about horology. I'm a long-time vintage Seiko collector and after cleaning and reassembling some of the watches I have collected and left sitting in my watch box for years I feel I've really deepened my understanding of the development and evolution of these movements -- all thanks to the course and the folks on the forums. Thank you again and I hope I can give something back of what little I know by being part of the community. -Kevin (from Northern California)
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