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  1. I see. Sorry, I thought I saw some scratches on your case, I think it's the dust on my computer screen.
  2. Nice. Perhaps you can give the case a polish dude.
  3. Good job. You just revived the watch. Perhaps next time you can record more videos on your project for our reference.
  4. No idea. At first I thought of Miyota but it looks different after a closer look.
  5. Hello, welcome to WRT. What a nice classic clock my friend.
  6. Hi friend, welcome to WRT.
  7. Thanks for sharing. First time saw how a watch case is made.
  8. Hi, welcome pal. You look very professional. Looking forward to read more of your post.
  9. Nice movements. Good pdf. Very informative indeed.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Save me a lot of time.
  11. Sorry to hear that bjd. Should reflect it to Oris.
  12. Good job. Honestly, first time saw this type of band.
  13. Hello John, Welcome to this forum. I'm from Malaysia, nice to meet you here.
  14. Welcome pal, enjoy yourself here.
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