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  1. AlamedaMike

    Timex Camper Restoration

    Thanks Mo!! Just to help out, adding a fully assembled pic before adding the movement plate.
  2. AlamedaMike

    Timex with 24 watch movement

    Look up posts from Jersey Mo. He's got some good step-by-step posts on servicing Timex. The crystals for almost all vintage Timex watches are plastic high-dome (PHD). You can find these many places, Esslinger for example.
  3. AlamedaMike

    1930s or 40s New Haven

    I have the same Ingersoll pocket watch, but its beyond hope. Nice to see what it is supposed to look like.
  4. AlamedaMike

    1930s or 40s New Haven

    I too am a Timex person. Service about 1 Timex a week as a hobby. Every once in a while an oddball watch like this will be part of a lot, and I get very interested in making it go. Cheers.
  5. AlamedaMike

    1930s or 40s New Haven

    Yes, you remove the two screws, and the plate comes off exposing the main spring. There is a main spring barrel there. If I had a side shot you would see it. Westclox and Timex are similar movement designs with only two plates. This movement was quite easy to work with, especially how easy it was to remove the balance.
  6. Just a couple of pics of a recent service. Ran the movement in cleaning fluid for a week with a couple of fluid changes. Lots of crud came off. Polished the crystal and case, polished up a vintage band. Oiled and running like a champ now.
  7. AlamedaMike

    Watch of Today

    Like anything mechanical, it needs to stay clean and oiled. The oil can get old, so a clean and re-oiling should be enough. I'm just finishing a '67 Viscount myself. Over time, the winding weight can break off its mounting hub if the hub area got wet and rust starts to form. Unlike your work on the 70's automatic, everything on this 60's automatic comes out the back.
  8. AlamedaMike

    Hello from Watford U.K

    Welcome! There are a few Timex peeps on here.
  9. AlamedaMike

    Timex Movement Assembly Tip

    Very nice. Yep, leaving the stem in does help as it keeps the winding cog and its two plates in place. Just have to be careful not to handle the stem too much, else it can pull out.
  10. AlamedaMike

    Timex Movement Assembly Tip

    Me experience exactly! Nope, I have no trick. We need to come up with one.
  11. AlamedaMike

    Timex Movement Assembly Tip

    Yep, I had it out at one point.
  12. AlamedaMike

    Timex Movement Assembly Tip

    Yes, most of the time I clean them as specified by the service manual. But sometimes you need to replace parts. On this one, one of the pallet fork pins broke off, so I put in a properly functioning pallet fork.
  13. Not sure how many Timex people there are on this board, but I'll post this here in hopes that this may help. There are two plates in many Timex movements: 1) the dial plate, 2) the movement plate. If you find yourself separating the plates, all the gearing falls out. Fun! At some point you hopefully decide to try putting things back together. If you find yourself in this predicament, put the dial side down and insert all parts into the dial side first. Doing this helps keep all the pins lined up vertically, so that when you attempt the put the movement plate on its just a little less of a PITA. Picture attached. Thanks, Mike
  14. AlamedaMike

    #24 movement

  15. AlamedaMike

    My Intro

    Yeah, I just follow the guidelines stated mostly by Timex, with a few modifications, like leaving the balance in. I started with Timex movements. Full tear downs and such. Bridged movements seem like a walk in the park! :-) No I don't own any Ingersoll's. Outside of my Timex watches, I own a couple Caravelle's, and a Rodania.