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  1. Hm, I'm sorry, but somehow I can't upload any images, maybe they're too big (3 mb)!? Otherwise, as I was able to wind it yesterday, today (at around the 20th hour after winding) it was -3 and a half hours inaccurate. 1) I guess I haven't winded it up to the max, so it didn't have enough power. 2) Maybe there is a bigger problem after all. @Nucejoe @Endeavor Yup, I'm a total newbie. I am certainly not able to do all of the above mentioned at the moment. I consider taking the watch to a specialist and see what he will say. If he takes any action, I will kindly ask him to make me part of the process and explain and/or show what is being done. By then, I will continue checking the accuracy and try to wind it twice a day.
  2. Desktop.7z Here is a photo of the movement, unfortunately no numbers visible... You see, when I tried to wind it today, I found out that it winded just fine... weird, right, I mean yesterday it didn't move a bit... I will leave it in a box and check the accuracy these days. I will let you know of the result.
  3. I recently found a vintage Pobeda wristwatch in my basement, model 1980-1989. Sadly, it is very old and not maintained at all, maybe since the early 1990s. It is mechanical, so I tried to wind it, but of course it couldn't wind. There is a resistant when I try to do it, so I opened its back and checked what's going on. It appears to me, that the Crown Wheel and the Ratchet Wheel are either too tight, or not lubricated/rusty or whatever the reason may be. Also I found out that when I move the watch around, it winds itself, as if it is an automatic one (it certainly does NOT have any rotor, so that is weird). So I was wondering what has to be done, at this moment I don't have any repair tools. If someone can at least give me a direction as to what has to be done, I could search for some tools. I'm not so worried about the watch itself, although it has a sentimental meaning to me, but am curious to find out what the reason for the problem is.
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