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  1. margolisd

    Tricky vertical amplitude problem

    It's tricky. There is no beat regulator! I have to turn the collet. Quite a lot of trial and error!
  2. margolisd

    Tricky vertical amplitude problem

    It does have rounded pivots and they're in good shape. I polished the pivots on my Jacot Tool. I just use pegwood with some jeweler's rouge and a little clock oil. They were already pretty good to be honest. Yes, the watch is in beat to within 0.5 ms. I use 9010 on the escapement and 9415 on the fork jewels.
  3. margolisd

    Tricky vertical amplitude problem

    Okay thanks guys. You have given me lots to think about. The side shake is perceptible. I do have a Jacot Tool and could make the pivots thinner. Do I risk it? How much side shake before I just create a new problem?
  4. margolisd

    Tricky vertical amplitude problem

    Thank you for the advice. Do you think removing weight from the balance will help? Or will this just speed up the watch? I was also thinking of locating slimmer jewels? It's not a very valuable watch. But I'm determined to fix it. It's got personal...
  5. Hi guys. Here's a tricky one. I'm working on an old Election 645 movement from the 30s. After quite a bit of work I'm getting around 268 amplitude in both the horizontal positions. But, here's the thing, the amplitude plummets to around 155 in all the vertical positions. I think the poise is quite good because all the vertical positions are consistently around 155. I've done everything I can think of... Fully cleaned New mainspring Tested side and end shake of every single wheel. They all spin really nicely and totally flat. Every wheel spins freely in its pivots when tested with the bellows. Polished every single pivot Tested the arbour is totally free in the barrel. It is. Burnished the pallet fork Balance spring is nicely centred, clean and running flat. Terminal curve is correct. Lubricated pallet stones. Tested the pallet fork including run to banking which is okay. Static poised Carefully oiled everything with correct oils. Demagnetised and tested for magnetism multiple times. Studied every single jewel under the microscope for crud / cracks. They are totally clean and smooth. The only thing I can think of is that the balance wheel (which is transplanted from another Election 645) is just too heavy. But before I go in and file bits off, I wanted to get your expert opinions. What did I miss? Thanks all!
  6. Just to say I'm 37 as well with a baby on the way. I started with Mark's videos around a year ago and they absolutely inspired me. Well worth the cash. I am now absolutely obsessed and planning to do the BHI distance learning course once I get a lathe. I have no idea how or why I got the bug or if I will eventually go pro. But I don't think it's too late. I think, somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but George Daniels started in his 40s? Although he was a genius.
  7. This is great stuff as usual. Thanks guys. Next question, anyone know of a good guide to using the fantastically named "Unruh-Max"?
  8. Thanks OH. But which one is the balance staff remover? I thought it would look something like this.
  9. Does anyone know if this staking set includes tools to remove balance staffs. I've got an opportunity to get one at a great price and if I don't need to look for a Platax tool it makes it even more attractive. The documentation from Bergeon isn't very clear.
  10. Well done for standing up to them. It's sadly quite a common occurrence. As a business owner myself, I know what the charges are. And they're nothing like 2.5%. Even the most expensive ones like Amex aren't that bad. And you don't have to accept Amex if you don't want to. I try to use credit cards to purchase because they offer all sorts of extra benefits, insurance and protections. And if you pay it all back at the end of the month it costs nothing in interest. I'm fed up with cousins. Bunch of Essex wide boys (I grew up in Essex so I'm allowed to say that.)
  11. margolisd

    Poising with Collet Attached

    I'm the new kid here, but what nickelsilver says makes more sense to me. A heavy point on the spring would be in a completely different state on the poising tool compared to being in a watch where it would move and disperse with the coiling and uncoiling of the spring. Hence dynamic posing makes so much sense. But it's fascinating to discuss and thank you everyone. And that's interesting about ladies calibers. I'm working on one right now for my wife and it's been really tricky.
  12. This may of interest to those in the UK using Cousins. I recently noticed that they offer a 2.5% discount for using a debit card instead of a credit card. As was highlighted in this recent BBC News article, CTSI considers these discounts the same as a credit card charge and therefore illegal in the UK. If you have used a personal credit card to buy anything from Cousins since January last year, you should be entitled to a 2.5% refund. If you used a commercial credit card then you may still be entitled to something as the charge can not exceed their processing fee and 2.5% obviously does. I've taken it up with Cousins, although their website is designed to make it virtually impossible to message them, and their reply was absurd and made no sense. It just seemed to be a canned response not relating at all to my enquiry. It was as if they didn't even understand the message and additionally they made it so I couldn't reply to them. Really quite nasty actually considering I spent a huge amount there last year setting myself up with tools. So I'm going to send them a letter and ask for a refund. If they refuse I might put in a complaint to Trading Standards or even consider Small Claims. I hope this might be useful to fellow Brits and do message me if you want to join forces.
  13. margolisd

    Poising with Collet Attached

    That's what I thought. But as my original post says, De Carle believed the collet, collet stud and a tiny length of HS the length of the stud hole should be attached. I was simply trying to understand how much of a difference this would actually make. But now I've discovered the marvels of dynamic poising and this has made me very happy.
  14. margolisd

    Truing Calipers

    Thanks! Well spotted. So rounded pivots on the right and flat pivots on the left. Is that correct? Do you know how to use the arm with graver? I guess I'm not sure if this is just to test if a part is true or if it can actually correct it?