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  1. Hi guys. Any thoughts on best approach to turning down a thin pivot (.14mm) on the lathe after replacing? Thinnest pivot wire I have is .33. I’ve plugged it fine but keep braking it when trying to turn it down with the graver when it gets close. It is tempered blue steel and I’ve not softened it. Should I stick at it or change approach? I’ve read that maybe I should abandon the graver entirely and use a sapphire stone? But they’re super expensive so wanted to ask if anyone had any advice. Perhaps on a good brand of sapphire stone that’s not over priced Burgeon. The pivot is also quite long (long story, it is an adapted ETA part that has to connect with a power indicator module). Are there lathe accessorIes that support long pivots whilst they’re being worked on? Or should I just put the graver rest underneath it and stone it?
  2. Great tip. I’ll give it a try. I need some new guitar strings anyway
  3. Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows a good source of very fine spring wire suitable for making watch click springs? I’m trying to make an obsolete click spring for an old Seiko. I really need 0.2mm gauge. The finest Cousins sell is 0.3 which is actually 0.4 when you measure it. I also found some on Amazon which says it’s 0.2. But it’s quite expensive and comes in various options, zdx, hww... I’m not sure what the difference is and the description of each wire is identical. Just the price differs. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I have no problem with rules. And I love your forum, your videos and have the utmost respect for what you've done. But this could be made a bit clearer? i.e "Maximum of 1 URL that doesn't link to a commercial website". Problem solved without having to scald your members.
  5. Wow. I just got a warning for advertising and self promotion because a link to my website was on my signature. That seems crazy. On the profile settings for signature it says you can post a url. So I did. I regularly contribute on this forum and it’s good to be able to learn about each other and share our websites. No? I doubt I’m going to get very far selling watchmaker services to watchmakers! In fact, this is the second time I’ve had a warning. Previously because I was selling something on eBay that could have been genuinely useful to others. This seems really mean. There’s a difference between spam and posting helpful and relevant links. I’m clearly not a spammer. Surely? Whoever is moderating is too trigger happy in my opinion.
  6. Cheers HSL. It's bringing me some business which is great. Still no reply from Omega...
  7. Has anybody heard of this book? I've heard from multiple sources this is one of the best books about watch repair ever written. The guy that writes the Adjusting Vintage Watches blog raves about it. But it's been out of print for a long time. I've been looking for it for ages and I've finally found it here: https://www.abebooks.co.uk/book-search/title/watch-adjustment/author/hans-jendritzki/. Is it worth £70?
  8. I think it's a DD2020. But I can't find any info or documents. I've emailed DD. Maybe they will help.
  9. Thanks all. I can’t seem to find Info on this module anywhere. I will keep searching.
  10. I would say it's most likely one of these: The balance / hairspring is touching something in DU. The pallet fork's safety pin is slightly bent upwards and is catching the roller jewel when DU. I find it helpful to listen to the movement. Put it on your ear DD. Then tilt your head slowly with it still on your ear and move to DU. If you hear anything odd it may be one of these two.
  11. Thanks for all your advice. I have "reached out" as they say. Let's see what happens. I'll be sure to update here as it might be interesting for others.
  12. Hi all. Help needed. I'm servicing a Breitling chrono. I confidently thought it was the same one as in Mark's epic video "Breitling Bentley Service ETA 2892 A2 Dubois Depraz Watch Repair Tutorial". But it's not the same. It seems to be an ETA 2892 movement with a bolted on chrono module. Which I presumed was the Dubois Depraz as in Marks video. But I don't think it is. Can anyone identify this chrono module for me and perhaps provide a service manual if possible?
  13. Hi guys. Has anyone had any experience becoming part of the Omega spare parts network? I can't find any info online. Other than WatchGuy on his blog years ago shared an email from Omega in which they listed out some of the equipment requirements. Ultrasonic cleaning machine ACS 900 Griener with ventilation Witschi proofmaster S or MRoxer natator 125 Condensation tester Timer with co-axial programme Witschi 3 Quartz tester analyser Q1 Recognised watchmaker bench with Light Chemical cabinet Microscope with 2 light sources and x 40 Small fridge for oils Separated polishing room with motor and extraction. Recognised qualification and experience There are also Brand specific tools to purchase for Omega cost £6-4000 dependant on generic tools. I'm curious to know who to contact to apply to find out more. Is there a bench exam of some kind? Do they visit you? If anyone has been through this process I would be very grateful to hear from you.
  14. Thank you. It’s actually the 3330 I’m working on. Documentation seems very hard to find.
  15. This explains everything Thank you
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