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  1. margolisd

    My Demagnetiser is Magnetising

    Yeah, thanks Tmuir you are indeed correct. Preventing the HS from vibrating causes it to demagnetise. I put it in a plastic bag and held it gently in my fingers and it worked. Does this mean it's best to remove the hairspring to demagnetise a watch movement and do the HS separately? As I'm sure it was my attempt to demagnetise a movement that ended up magnetising the HS in the first place. Another thing that seemed to help, before I was only holding the button down and moving the object about half a meter out of the field. A full meter as suggested by ecodec actually seemed to make a big difference. Thanks everyone. Mystery solved.
  2. margolisd

    My Demagnetiser is Magnetising

    Thanks for the advice. I'm going to do some experiments. Meanwhile, this is inside the unit.
  3. margolisd

    Help installing mainspring

    Maybe see what the more experienced folks think. But I'd say pop it strait into the barrel.
  4. margolisd

    Help installing mainspring

    Do you have a winding tool?
  5. margolisd

    My Demagnetiser is Magnetising

    It's one of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Demagnetizer-Watch-Repair-Screwdriver-Tweezers-Electrical-Watch-Time-Adjustment/202542174642?hash=item2f287451b2:g:RZcAAOSwTrVbZ~Z5:rk:2:pf:1
  6. margolisd

    My Demagnetiser is Magnetising

    Unfortunately I knew this already but it doesn't help. It still seems to be magnetising things
  7. margolisd

    Help installing mainspring

    I'm a beginner too. But for what it's worth my method is this. I put on gloves and apply a thin coat of 8200 to the spring itself. Gently running it through my thumb and forefinger. I put a few dots of 8200 on the barrel wall and, as in the illustration below from Practical Watch Adjusting, 3 dots on the side of the coiled up spring. I use D5 on the arbour at the points shown in the illustration. Just a little dot is sufficient. It works pretty well for me.
  8. Hi all. I discovered this hairspring was magnetised. And it seems to be impossible to demagnetise. In fact, my demagnetiser seems to be making this and other metal parts worse. Does anyone know why this might be happening? It's a cheap Chinese thing. Is it time to replace it? Does anyone have any recommendations? (PS, no there is no magnetism whatsoever in the screwdriver in the picture!)
  9. margolisd

    Star of David

    This is the other side just out of interest...
  10. Hi guys. This is interesting. I took apart a 30s Bulova 10 A.I movement. It's Swiss movement but I thought Bulova was American (?) Anyway, look what I found on the other side of the watch face. Somebody has engraved a star of David. And I think a date which is written right to left. I have no idea what the 10 1/2 F is. Why would somebody have done this on a place on the watch that would never be seen? My mind can't help thinking about Europe in the 30s and that maybe it was a bar mitzvah gift or something similar but they had to keep their Jewish identity a secret...
  11. Well, I think your English is probably much better than my Farsi Thanks for the tip. Very useful!
  12. margolisd

    Cap jewel

    PS. My technique for finding lost parts launched into oblivion is to empty out my little Dyson vacuum, vacuum the area, tip out contents onto a large white surface like a dinner plate and search through with fingers. If it's metal (obviously not much use in this case) a strong magnet is useful as well (but be sure to demagnetise the piece if you find it). It's a dirty job but where there's muck there's luck.
  13. margolisd

    Cap jewel

    A cap jewel should be easy to replace. You don't need the entire incablock. To be honest, you could just grab one of these and find something that fits... https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/jewel-holes-end-stones
  14. margolisd

    watch timing machine

    Hi Dan. I have a Weishi and it works great. You certainly don't need to be a rocket scientist to use it but there is quite a bit you should learn about. Beat errors, lift angles positional adjusting.There is a great video here on how to regulate watches. But if you really want to get into it, there is a great book called Practical Watch Adjusting by Donald De Carle. You can buy it on Amazon. Good luck.