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  1. margolisd

    Tool porn!

    This beauty arrived today. My first jeweling tool. So excited
  2. Many parts can be recovered. It really depends what is rusted and how bad. Watch this...
  3. Hi all. I'm servicing a Longines 430 movement and have a couple of questions. First, I'm having trouble tracking down a replacement main spring. The barrel had DO NOT OPEN printed on it so it looks as if you have to buy the barrel with the mainspring already fitted. Cousins is showing this as obsolete. There is one on eBay for around £90 in Australia but that's about all I can find. I did, of course, open the barrel and it seems pretty normal so I'm not sure why they don't like you opening it up. It's a T end spring. I measure it to be 1mm wide, 0.1 thick, 350mm long and the barrel is 10.5 inside diameter. I can't seem to locate anything like this. Any ideas? Also, I've been reading up on this movement. It's super fast 36k beat. I read that it was quite revolutionary in the late 60s and that advances had to be made in lubrication in order to make it work. I presume my Moebius9010 will be okay on the high speed parts?
  4. margolisd

    Watch of Today

    Thanks guys. She’s open and on the bench now. It’s a lovely watch to work with and it’s been really well looked after. Plus I get to inherit it one day. I will certainly be taking my time with this one :)
  5. margolisd

    Watch of Today

    This is an interesting watch. It belongs to my Dad and it was gift from King Hussein of Jordan in 1969. My Granddad and uncle - via ham radio in Ilford - were King Hussein's only communications link with the outside world in the 1969 civil war with Palestine. After the war he sent them 2 personalised Longines watches. My Dad inherited this one from my Grandad. He's asked me to service it for him which I'm planning to do this weekend. I also want to look into getting re-plated as the gold has worn away quite a bit. If anyone knows anyone in London who they can recommend please let me know.
  6. margolisd

    Roller adjustment

    Ah, thanks all. That's really interesting stuff. So the position of the roller relative to the wheel is actually important for poise. Yes, I often see the lineup marks left by other repairers and I've made a few myself to make it easier. I really like the idea of using a fine marker to record the position of the split. I will try that out. Thanks
  7. margolisd

    Roller adjustment

    ...Oh. So this tool would effectively only rotate the wheel on the staff?
  8. Hi folks. For watches where you can't set the watch in beat by adjusting the position of the hairspring stud, my understanding has been that you must reposition the collet. I always find this incredibly tricky and dangerous. Once or twice my screwdriver has lost traction on the collet and I've damaged the hairspring resulting in much swearing. I just stumbled across this tool. Doesn't it make much more sense to use one of these to adjust the roller? Am I missing something? https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/roller-adjusting-tweezers
  9. margolisd

    Fluctuating watch

    Yes, I have loads of scrap watches I'm slowly working through. And oddly enough I came across today a tiny USSR made Sekonda. And what should I find under the balance cock? Two quite thick metal pieces. They're actually nicely made and it's a really cool little movement. I think I'm going to try and get it working. 1.80 x 8.0 x 0.09 x 250mm on Rannft sounds wrong in terms of length. This would be too short for a 9.5 barrel, no? The GR suggest 360 for this movement. Thanks for the explanation on main springs. I'll let you know what happens
  10. margolisd

    Fluctuating watch

    Thank you for sending such a detailed reply and showing so much interest! It's an Election 645 movement. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Election_645 I am a newbie. I started in June this year. I did indeed replace the entire wheel from eBay My terminology wasn't clear. I have a new mainspring on the way! Interestingly, not only was it rather kinked, but I think it was the wrong size. I found it in the GR book listed by calibre and some of the dimensions were different to the old main spring I'm replacing. The length was 20cm too short. And it should have been .1mm wider. I'm not sure how much of a difference, if any, this could make. The cracked end stone was a replacement as well. I simply found a similar clamp with a stone in it and it seems to fit nicely. Although I'd really like to get a jeweling tool and learn to replace / correct the stone itself as this could be extremely useful. As for the wonky balance cock... It seemed to be angling down a hair's breadth and preventing the wheel from turning freely. I noticed a group of graver marks on the underside of the cock, presumably put there by another repairer to correct this. I filed these away since I don't like this method. I fashioned my correctional piece from several halved foils. It took quite a bit of trial and error but it works well. Picture attached. As for the hairspring, it's difficult to photograph but I'm going to see if I can improve it this weekend and also fit the new mainspring. And I'll report back with some pictures of the timing machine result as well. I think I've spent more time on hairsprings than anything else since starting to learn. I've got quite good with bends. It's the twists that are nightmarish. Arg!
  11. margolisd

    Fluctuating watch

    Thanks so much for the advice. I'm going to replace the mainspring. Hair springs are my nemesis but I'll have a go. Cheers
  12. margolisd

    Fluctuating watch

    I did indeed remove the mainspring, cleaned it and gave it a light coat of grease and returned it to the barrel. Do mainsprings have this sort of effect on watches if they're old and worn?
  13. margolisd

    Fluctuating watch

    Thanks all. It's an Election Grand Prix circa 1945. It was in very bad condition. I replaced a cracked end stone on the balance. The balance cock was wonky and I rectified it by making a tiny correctional piece. And the balance wheel had a broken pivot which I've replaced. The end / side shake feels okay and the wheel spins nicely and evenly. I corrected a bend in the hair spring close to the collet. The hair spring is still a tad distorted but it's the best I can get it. All the pallet stones seem fine. Amplitude is around 220. It's nicely in beat. I'll try and get some pictures from my timing app. I use Timegrapher which usually works really well for me. The graph essentially looks hilly and random.
  14. margolisd

    Fluctuating watch

    Hi. No problem. I've done a short intro
  15. margolisd

    Hello Watch People

    Hello everyone. I'm 36 and live in London with my wife and dog. We run a business together in the world of film distribution. But I've always had an interest in watches. And recently I started following Mark Lovick's videos on YouTube. Within a couple of months I seemed to get the bug and the spare room has turned into my workshop. eBay shares have gone up since I've been obsessively procuring tools and my wife is now sadly a watch widow. I've lost count of how many scrap movements I've worked on and I've just done my third actual repair for a friend. A beautiful Election Grand Prix circa 1945 which was a pleasure. So, that's me. I hope my questions aren't too annoying!