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  1. The plot thickens. The upper escape wheel jewel hole is badly worn. Way too much side shake. So my theory is that the escape wheel is leaning in to the pallets messing up the geometry. So I might change the jewel before I move the stones.
  2. That’s great. I’ve been using Shapr3D. Which is an iPad app. It’s absolutely great to quickly “sketch” something. I use it before I jump on the lathe so I can quickly visualise to scale what I’m going to do.
  3. That’s cool. Did you adjust in photoshop? That’s a great reference. Thanks.
  4. Thanks HSL. I think it’s time to warm up my pallet stone adjustment tool!
  5. I’m troubleshooting a Seiko 6601a which has poor amplitude. Around 180. Does anyone agree the pallets look a tad overlocked?
  6. Thanks. This is probably the clearest thing to show what’s happening. I have marked both points where there are broken teeth. Both wheels are 1.39 with 12 leaves. And I propose replacing with wheels 1.39 with 10 teeth. Just to clarify, on the right, I’m pointing at the wheel underneath that is a bit hidden in this picture.
  7. Hi guys. I’m trying to think this through. I’m restoring a vintage IWC. It has a tiny power gauge works which is hard to describe, but, long story short, two tiny identically sized pinions have broken against each other. Replacements aren’t available. I don’t have the right tools to cut pinions yet. But in my scrap I’ve found a couple I can use that are the exact same diameter. Only difference, they have 10 leaves rather than 12 as the originals have. Is there going to be any disadvantage to swapping them out to 10 leaf pinions if the diameters are the same and they mesh okay? What dictates th
  8. Thanks. I’ve sent them a message. A tap will do as I can make a die. I’ve never come across these guys before. This could be dangerous for my bank balance.
  9. Does anyone know where I might find left handed taps an dies for watchmakers? They seem hard to come by. Spoken to HS Walsh and Cousins but no dice. Any advice welcome!
  10. Hi guys. Any thoughts on best approach to turning down a thin pivot (.14mm) on the lathe after replacing? Thinnest pivot wire I have is .33. I’ve plugged it fine but keep braking it when trying to turn it down with the graver when it gets close. It is tempered blue steel and I’ve not softened it. Should I stick at it or change approach? I’ve read that maybe I should abandon the graver entirely and use a sapphire stone? But they’re super expensive so wanted to ask if anyone had any advice. Perhaps on a good brand of sapphire stone that’s not over priced Burgeon. The pivot is also quit
  11. Great tip. I’ll give it a try. I need some new guitar strings anyway
  12. Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows a good source of very fine spring wire suitable for making watch click springs? I’m trying to make an obsolete click spring for an old Seiko. I really need 0.2mm gauge. The finest Cousins sell is 0.3 which is actually 0.4 when you measure it. I also found some on Amazon which says it’s 0.2. But it’s quite expensive and comes in various options, zdx, hww... I’m not sure what the difference is and the description of each wire is identical. Just the price differs. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I have no problem with rules. And I love your forum, your videos and have the utmost respect for what you've done. But this could be made a bit clearer? i.e "Maximum of 1 URL that doesn't link to a commercial website". Problem solved without having to scald your members.
  14. Wow. I just got a warning for advertising and self promotion because a link to my website was on my signature. That seems crazy. On the profile settings for signature it says you can post a url. So I did. I regularly contribute on this forum and it’s good to be able to learn about each other and share our websites. No? I doubt I’m going to get very far selling watchmaker services to watchmakers! In fact, this is the second time I’ve had a warning. Previously because I was selling something on eBay that could have been genuinely useful to others. This seems really mean. There’s a differenc
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