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  1. Wow. You are so kind to me! I really am happy to pay for these parts and postage if you ever want me to. It’s very generous of you. But rest assured that one day I’ll pay the favour forward to somebody else learning the trade. The address is the same. Thanks again HSL. I’ll post some pics when this one is up and running. I’ve ordered a leather Albert. Let’s try and bring the pocket watch back into fashion. I always wondered what that tiny pocket in my jeans was for!
  2. Can they cope with the scale of watch parts? I thought this was very specialist. And would they do just 1 part? I’d be curious to know how much it would cost.
  3. I think that’s the very one! Are you willing to sell parts?
  4. It’s called Shapr3D. Interestingly it’s all iPad based. It’s phenomenally easy compared to others I’ve used. https://www.shapr3d.com/ I wonder if there is a company out there who could CNC mill watch parts from CAD. That would be very useful!
  5. I’m learning CAD. This is my attempt at modelling my Speedmaster. There is some quite complex geometry you don’t really appreciate until you try to build it!
  6. I have a 100 year old Omega pocket watch with a 19" movement. The plateau is broken. Huge crack in it and now it's broken in half! Does anyone have a spare I could buy? Or know of a good source? Nothin on eBay sadly.
  7. No idea how well this would work but... https://www.printerbase.co.uk/sunangel-32sw-white-toner-printer.html
  8. This was what it looked like from the original eBay listing. The movement was also really rusty and nasty. It was a fun project bringing it back to life!
  9. I think small movements are great to learn on. Large movements seem so much easier now. It's just steel but it's nicely made. Not original.
  10. I've been working on this for a while. My wife's due to give birth any day now and this is what I'm going to give her after the baby is born. This is my first attempt at restoring a dial. HSL was kind enough to send me a spare one to practice on. Which I did, and it ended up being the final one I used. What was also interesting, I attempted Mark's laser printed logo method.Which worked surprisingly well. The edges of the print aren't quite as sharp as the original. But you would have to have a very expert eye to tell the difference. I think with a very high DPI laser printer you could get this more or less perfect.
  11. Thanks but I located the parts for hardly anything on eBay. It has helped a lot. It's still not perfect. Weirdly, it was better with the old clutch wheel. I think the cannon pinion must be a tiny bit tight. I added some more grease which also heloed. Now the only time it clicks is when you set the hands far enough forward to advance the calendar wheel. But it's hardly noticeable. I think I'm going to call this completed.
  12. Ah, well spotted. I didn't notice that as well. I think time to replace the set lever and maybe the clutch lever too if that doesn't fix it! Thanks for checking for me!
  13. Sorry, that was a bad choice of picture to illustrate my query. It is the blue line I want to compare the measurement
  14. The stem is new and original! It engages the clutch wheel perfectly (also new). HSL. Great photo, thank you. It's so hard to tell on the positions because we may be talking a hair's width. Gentle pressure on the lever pushing it more left does stop the clicking (but I guess that's obvious!). You see the line I've indicated on this picture? On my watch there is a slight gap. Is yours the same? Can you measure it? 9501 No, that's not the cannon pinion. It's actually in the centre.
  15. Okay. Back to the drawing board. The problem has returned. I think by bending the plate slightly I was just gripping the date change yolk more. But the underlying problem was still there. The only thing I can think of is that the indicated area is worn and the lever is not being pushed as far left as it needs to go...
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