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  1. I post that and five minutes later I get it to pop off with a razor blade...haha. Just had to be careful and work it around slowly. This was one of those it’s easier to do when you know it can be done scenarios. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the insight. I asked about disassembly because this watches bezel almost lookis like it’s part of the case. The seam is very tight and there is no portion machined out for a pry point. It doesn’t look like I can get a razor blade in there let alone a butter knife. It made me wonder if these parts had to be removed from the opposite end somehow...as unlikely as that seemed. I will mess with it a little more and seek the help of a jeweler if I don’t feel like I can get it off. Given the price I was fortunate to pay I don’t think I can complain about investing a little more in it.
  3. Thank you. I’ve seen them advertised to snap in with no glue but who knows when dealing with aftermarket stuff. Any idea of when it comes to that sort of disassembly would that all be done through the back? The watch doesn’t appear to come apart in any way thru the front. I don’t believe the bezel snaps off on these like the previous user mentioned. I’m struggling to find much online and would think it was easier since these black painted rings have undoubtedly been scratched.
  4. A friend who received this watch from his now ex wife sold it to me for the crazy low price of $600. It was a little banged up and I’m polishing the case to make it look better. I would like to remove and replace the black bezel insert ring. When it’s removed I will be able to do some polish work around that portion of the case...two pretty bad dings pictured. I’ve seen these Replacement rings online but cannot find any info on the replacement process. Can anybody tell me if they are a simple pop in and out piece or if there is more to it? Thanks
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