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  1. Yeah, I think it's a sensible conclusion to replace the movement, I've sourced the exact SUNON movement from CousinsUK a wholesaler across the pond from you.. they're £5 + VAT, hardly worth my time or the clients beginning to troubleshoot it. Although I would like to get to the bottom of it in my spare time, as my skills definitely fall down when faced with a quartz movement. It's quite funny really when you think about it, an Armani watch that retails around £200-£300 with a £ 5 movement inside. Interesting technical document too, thanks for the find. Appreciate your hel
  2. What's also interesting to note is that when the battery is in and I push in the lower chrono button the seconds sub dial spins like it should when it's resetting, which in turn spins the minute sub dial.. so the circuit is still working but somethings falling down when it comes to getting the actual seconds hand to move
  3. Hi John thanks for that, I've just stumbled onto the specification myself and came to the same conclusions, I found the Chinese version first and was tempted to write back to see whether you could read Mandarin haha. I agree with you on the making them know it's the watch and not the a battery and too true about them asking you to put one in anyway. I've checked the buttons and they seem to be fine, I guess what's throwing me the most is that the sub dial only spins wildly when the battery isn't fully inserted, as soon the whole battery is inserted correctly everything stops.
  4. I guess when you don't really know so much about watches your natural instinct would be to lean towards the battery. And in all fairness when I checked the battery it was flat.. The movement on the watch is branded PE902, and I've been looking for an a/c point but with no prevail!
  5. Got quite a peculiar one at the moment, and it's something that I've never personally encountered before. The clients watch is an Armani AR5905; he thought he needed a new battery and so here I am, Upon taking the case-back off and placing a new battery in, I heard the circuit do the all so familiar whirring noise like it was springing back to life, however when I flipped it over it wasn't ticking. So I pulled the battery out and again put it back in, but what I noticed was that the whirring noise was only happening when the battery was halfway seated and thus not making full c
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