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  1. thanks for that exploded pic. I still cant get it to come off. gah.
  2. I suppose I just need a video example of how to replace, it seems like I have to pull the movement out and push from the backside.... I cant find any vids on youtube for a modern sub.
  3. So gents, ive got the watch here and the bezel which popped off cleanly. Have the little bezel gasket off thats surrounding the base. The crystal and a ring around the bottom of it I can't get off . please advise!!!!!
  4. have had it for multiple days now and it is exact, I also wind it to keep PR proper. it is 15-17min negative day
  5. gents, I assure you, it is infactruning -15min a day.
  6. Hi, yes it is a good device despite the misspelled location. It reads perfect on anything and everything else. it is an asian 7750 movement forgot to mention that sorry.
  7. this is the best adjustment I can get it to. there is always two horizontal lines rather than the typical one line with the dots stacked either 1 or two pixels tall as im accustomed to regulating things down to. otherwise this is losing like 900+ seconds a day. put whole case on demagnetizer and had not made any changes. have adjusted everything out in max directions and spent more than an hour on paying with it and this is as good as it can be. movement is new and is approx 2 weeks old. sold to customer and 2days later said its running terrible, I adjusted it before I sent it out and it was r
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