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  1. Dear WRT Addict, Thank you for your kind input, Will consider this option. Kind regards. Leecbo.
  2. Hi Nickelsilver and all.. Thank you for your valuable insight and the photo of the puller. I will look into the extraction and update of any progress. Any other further help or suggestion to this issue, as other method or tools applicable/ available are greatly appreciated. Many thanks for all your great contributions. Kind regards. Leecbo.
  3. Hi Nickelsilver. Appreciate everyone's kind input, in fact the watch is with my watch maker now. You did mention, This movement is of an unique and modern design and most watch smith will not have much or any prior experience on the removal/installation of the timed lapsed counter/disc. however I feel its a good try to explore the repair on this design. From the attached photo and looking at the disc, I do agree with you those are press fit and I believe proper removal will need a designated puller with the claw place into both the hole of the disc, claw on the underside inwards towa
  4. Hi and good day to all . Found this site and hope to be part of this family. Thanks, Kind regards. Leecbo.
  5. Hi all, I am a newbie here. Currently I am having problems repairing my MB Nicholas Rieussec watch. As this had a Minerva movement and had little experience. I am facing problems on removing the chrono disc. Conventional Chronos uses needle, however this model uses a disc to register the timed lapsed. Does anyone have any experience or advise on the disc removal and installation. Thank you in advance to your kind input. Kind regards. Leecbo.
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