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  1. I am working on an 18s Elgin which is a full plate movment. The amplitude is fairly low and I have a feeling that the esentric banking pins are out of place. Usaully this is an easy adjustment to make as one can look down at the lever while making the adjustment and observe the pallets and where the lever is oriented on the banking pins. However with a full plate movment this is not possible. It does have the little circular cutouts below the pallets but this is useless when trying to observe the run to the banking. Any advice on how to adjust in such a situation?
  2. LiamB

    Motor Barrel

    It is a Louis Brandt caliber 20 CCR grade, it is fairly unusual and rare. I believe it is based on the omega 19l movment.
  3. LiamB

    Motor Barrel

    Does anyone know how to remove the motor barrel arbor from the ratchet wheel on this watch. I have no experience working with motor barrels. Usaully I would mess around abit but as this is a valuable watch I decided it would be better to ask first, thanks.
  4. LiamB

    Alloy vs Steel

    This may seem like a stupid question, but are there strength differences between an alloy and steel mainspring of the same dimensions? I have to replace mainsprings in two pocket watches (18s Waltham and 18s Illinois) and I am concerned that fitting a modern mainspring will result in knocking. Any advice, Thanks
  5. Hello, I am restoring a fairly beaten up chronograph that is missing the centre seconds hand. I have never replaced something like this before and would like to know process of fitting a new hand. Say I was to order a new hand, how oils I be sure that it would fit the chronograph seconds recording pivot. Does it come oversized and has to be broached to shape? Thanks for the help!
  6. I have an omega with a plastic case back. I am fairly sure that it's not original and that ithe acrylic glass was added at some point and has cracked around the edges. Does anyone know how to remove this so the watch can be serviced? Thanks
  7. What is the best way to fit a t ended mainspring? I find them quite tricky to get in. Does anyone know any special tricks? And, is the method different when using a mainspring winder and when fitting a new spring still secured by ring. Thanks very much, Liam
  8. LiamB

    Movment Model

    I ordered a mainspring, I'll keep you posted if it fits.
  9. LiamB

    Movment Model

    It must be a sim 2608, Does anyone know the mainspring dimensions?
  10. LiamB

    Movment Model

    Does anyone know what this Russian watch movment is? I beloved it is a poljot however I don't know what is the model. I want to know so that I can order a new mainspring. Thanks
  11. LiamB

    pocket watches

    Well, it is possible. However you would have to learn how to make hands, a dial and the watch case. If you are really serious George Daniels book on Watchmaking has a whole chapter on making watchcases covering forming, soldering and whatnot. Also includes information on making hands and dials in other chapters. If I was you I would start by leaning how to make cases as many old watch moments out there still have a dial and hands attached. I would start using copper sheet and bar stock to make cases with as it is similar to working with silver or gold and will save you lots of money when starting out. You will need access to a decent sized lathe to make the forming tools and to machine the cases once formed. This website also has good information: https://watchmaking.weebly.com/casemaking.html Good luck on your adventure and keep us posted.
  12. I have a Lanco 1233 movment in which the barrel arbour has lots of sideshake both within the barrel and when the barrel and arbour are fixed in the plate. I have never seen this before. Is it the design of the watch or did someone replace the arbour sized incorrectly once upon a time? I thought of just replacing the arbour however I can't seem to find one. Thanks
  13. LiamB

    Hole ended mainspring

    Thanks, that method worked very well. The spring slipped right in place!
  14. Hello, I need to replace a mainspring in a Waltham pocket watch and have revived a new spring inside of one of those rings. However the mainspring is a hole end and I have no idea how to get it to engage with the hook when installing it into the barrel. I have only installed Swiss mainsprings before. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks