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  1. LiamB

    Hole ended mainspring

    Thanks, that method worked very well. The spring slipped right in place!
  2. Hello, I need to replace a mainspring in a Waltham pocket watch and have revived a new spring inside of one of those rings. However the mainspring is a hole end and I have no idea how to get it to engage with the hook when installing it into the barrel. I have only installed Swiss mainsprings before. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  3. LiamB


    Hi, I am Liam Branch from Ontario Canada. I am twenty and have been interested in mechanical watches for many years. Recently I have decided to lean how to repair/restore watches and I am slowly finding my way! I'm sure this site with provide me with great advice and information. Thanks!
  4. LiamB

    Spring Stud

    Thank very much for the help, I was able to get the stud out however the spring got detached from the stud and the little pin in missing! Obviously as noted above the pin must have been loosely attached. I have set this watch aside for later when I decide to learn more about hair springs.
  5. LiamB

    Spring Stud

    Hello, I am working on a pin pallet escarpment and cannot manage to remove the spring stud from the balance cock. The stud is not held in place by a screw as usually found but seems to be friction fit. Pressing on the stud has not been working and I don't want to do any damage. Is thier a particular method to safely remove such a stud?