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  1. This is all very helpful information. Thanks a lot, everyone. I'll post photos of the part later on and have a look at ofrei.com. Appreciate everyone's informed input.
  2. I'll post a photo tomorrow (night time here!) when I have time to take it apart, but I'm *pretty* sure that we're talking about different parts here. This is not a part of the stem, it's just a little piece of metal that goes around the stem and holds it in place so it doesn't pop out of the case. It's literally in the case, not in the movement. I'm new to watches, but this is a system for holding the stem in place that I haven't seen on any of the few modern watches I've poked around inside. I've looked on ebay, but unless I'm searching with the wrong term, all I can find are junk
  3. Hi experts, I have a Waltham wristwatch from the 1920s. The movement is a 1907 grade 361, and it's basically functionally OK except for the stem. The little split collet that goes into the case and is supposed to keep the stem in place is broken, so my stem keeps popping out into the set position, or just popping out of the movement and case if I try to wind it. Does anybody know anything at all about sourcing a replacement collet, about putting together some kind of a workaround that allows the watch to function, or maybe anything about fabricating a functional replacement? Thanks a LOT
  4. That looks great. If that were my watch, I think it would probably put some black croc leather on it. Looking forward to seeing the DeBeer.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm brand new to watch repair, but I'm starting to really get into it as a hobby. I'm a 30something American living in Taiwan. Right now I'm really interested in old Walthams from the 1920s and 1930s, and old Hamiltons from the 40s and 50s. I have a few real-life friends who do repairs for one of the big Swiss companies, so they're mostly to blame for me getting into this. I normally don't join forums, but talking to experienced people seems like the best way for me to solve some essential challenges, and hopefully to learn.
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