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  1. Hello! Not sure if this is the right place for my question since I do not intend to do the repair myself. However I am wondering if anyone knows an approximate price of a tachymeter for the Omega 3520.50 day-date (tripple date). If anyone has any idea what a insert and the "repair" would cost at a watch shop, please let me know. Thanks in advance. Jakob
  2. From what i know, it is the inside diameter of the barrel Thank you for the answer, I will order the one from cousinsUK then. /Jakob
  3. Hello! I have a ETA 900 movement with a broken mainspring that I am looking to repair. I was looking for a replacement and found this information: http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&ETA_900 With the dimensions: 1.55 x 9.0 x 0.10 x 290 Then when I went to order one on cousinsUK I searched for the movement and found out that they claimed this to be the right replacement: https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/eta-esa-movement-parts With the dimensions: 1.55 x 9.0 x 0.105 x 280 Which one should i try to find? will they both the dimensions mentioned do the job? (p.s I do not have the possibility to measure the broken one precise enough) Thankful for all answers, regards, Jakob Vinkås
  4. Thank you for the answers, I think I will go for a budget press. Like the one I linked
  5. Hello, i'm looking to buy my first glass press. Im a student and watchmaking is just a hobby so price is always a problem. I found this one on CousinsUK however it only says "flat mineral glass" and most of the watches I have that need new classes are low domed acrylic (or so i think, they are from 1940-1970). Will this one do or am i going to have to up my budget a bit? Any recommendations helps. Link to the closing press: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/lever-closing-press Thanks, Jakob Vinkås
  6. Thanks for the answers, I will take a look at the watch again soon
  7. Hello, today I picked up an old, not working watch that i have had lying in a drawer a long time. It did not tick at all and I am quite sure the main problem was that the pallet fork was stuck in its jewel sitting and could not move at all. I cleaned and re oiled the movement and not it only works when I lay it upside down, or at least it does not work with the right side up. It ticks a few seconds but then stops. Any tips on what could be the problem? I know that there are about a hundred different possible problems but since it works fine upside down and not at all otherwise I figured someone might have had the same problem. (It seems to be worse during a specifik time of each minute, but not just at one point but rather during a 15 sec period of each minute). Thankful for any answers, Jakob
  8. Hi! I have developed quite a hobby of (trying to) repair old watches, I have bought about 25 cheap different old watches. Some of the watches came with obviously broken parts and I have managed to break a few parts myself sadly. I have everything nicely organized through excel where i log everything i do and what problems I find with the watches. So my question is, what´s the best way of storing watches/watchparts that wont ever be used in the movement they currently sit at? Should i pick the movement apart and store all good parts in a boxlike thing? (I have a 3d printer so making the boxes is no problem) Or should i keep the movement intact and remove parts when needed? How often do you actually get to use a (used) spare-part in a different movement? Seems to be a lot of different movements in watches so maybe going through the process of taking apart and writing down all parts I have simply is not worth it. Thankful for all tips and recommendations, Jakob
  9. And what if you live in a small apartment in a large town.. problems stacking up...
  10. Hello, I could not fint any answer to this on any other thread. Im using Isopropyl alcohol for the last step of hand cleaning movements. However i can not find a good way to throw used liquid away. How do you do it, I know that the liquid will turn into gas eventually however since i fill a small jar there is always going to come times when i need to throw it away. Where do i throw it? How do you do it? Thanks in advance, Jakob
  11. Hello all, my name is Jakob. I recently got into servicing mechanical watches at home. My question is now what i need (at minimum) to be able to start cleaning (and oiling) parts. I live in Sweden and can not seem to find any good cleaning solutions to buy. Is it a good idea to soak the parts in pure white spirit (mineral spirit) and then letting the parts dry? Is that enought? Then when it comes to oiling, what oils is a must? Is it enought to but Moebius 9010 and some Moebius 8300 Grease? Do I also have to get Moebius D5 or do I have to get even more? Best regards Jakob, if I posted this in the wrong fashion please guide me to the right place.
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