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  1. Hi Guys. Just a little updated photo of my new work station. Camera setup is great for helping me see what I am doing on the screen, due to the usual mid life eye deterioration. Chair I went for is an office type with adjustable height and tilt, seems comfy so far. Have a great weekend. Rick
  2. Hi Guys On the basis that you don't know what you don't know and I have never believed that I will ever know everything, I have signed up for Marks three courses. Following on from that I will look to do the BHI training's and qualifications. I see this as being a three year plan, or CPD as the modern term goes. Looking forward to learning new stuff. All the best. Rick PS. I am looking for a jewelling press kit.
  3. Hi Guys The underside of the bench is 870mm from the floor. This was a convenient height because I could then use kitchen breakfast bar legs. I'm buying a new chair with adjustable height too as I sometimes feel I need to sit lower still. Rick
  4. Hi Guys. Just thiought I would share. I made a new work station last week and have just got myself settled. I made this 150mm higher than the old table and it feels much better.
  5. Hi Guys. tanks for your replies. I live in Bristol, UK and am a member of BHI. I am looking at their courses and am hoping to attend their training in the next few months. I was then interested in Omega as a starting point in the big boy league. Rick
  6. Hi Jon. I'm new here too and I know exactly what you mean with the girlfriend. actually I mostly keep it to myself with friends too for the very reason of the glazed look. " A watch is a watch" yeh right. I find it incredibly satisfying. Cheers, Rick
  7. Hi Everybody. OK so not so much of a boy anymore, in body anyway. I have been watching Marks videos and was inspired to join this forum. Sounds like an idea not to scratch my head over problems when I can ask you lovely people. Don't get me wrong, one of the fun parts is resolving issues, just not all the time. I have been "dabbling with clocks and watches since I was 10 years old. I always had to know how things work be it mechanical or electrical like valve radios. I have no qualifications and am now looking into how I can resolve that and gain some certifications. Any advice
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