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  1. Thanks, that's good to know. I'll assemble carefully and hope all goes well.
  2. Ha! Yes, that finger print is a bit of an eyesore isn't it! There is sound on the video. That's good to hear, I think I'll case it up and see how it performs over a couple of days. If the oscillation drops again once cased do you have any idea what might cause this?
  3. thanks for explaining, no, I've not fiddled with the banking pins. From double checking a couple of diagrams online I believe that it is a single roller
  4. this is the watch running as of now. FtLW3cPbS4WpXo99tr4M1g.MOV
  5. apologies for my ignorance but what are eccentric bankings?
  6. So some progress, I tightened the two screws on the balance which were sticking out (I did this before I saw Clockboy's very helpful post and will look into proper poising of the balance as a next step.) and this has improved things as the scuffing sound has gone, oscillation has improved and it doesn't stop when tilted in a certain direction. The balance was in beat but it does this weird thing where if the movement is unwound and you nudge the balance wheel a little it sometimes sticks and doesn't return to it's original position, again can't work out why this happens. Rather frustrati
  7. It's not running so will definitely look to re-set the balance spring and those screws are indeed pretty far out. Thanks to everyone for your comments, I will have a tinker and will report back.
  8. Thanks Jon, that was my thought too so I paid special attention to the balance staff and jewels when I dismantled the movement a second time and everything seemed fine. There is no excessive wobble either. I'm sure it's something simple but I'll be damned if I can work out what it is!
  9. Hi, I am very new to the hobby of watch repair/refurbishment and self taught thus far so please forgive any stupid questions! I recently stripped down, cleaned, oiled and reassembled a Waltham pocket watch (pictured) but the balance has poor oscillation, stops when tilted at a certain angle and the movement makes a noise in addition to the usual tick which sounds like something is hitting off something it shouldn't. I've stripped the movement down again and checked every part for signs of damage (finding none) and also replaced the mainspring which has improved things but there's still somethi
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