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  1. Ok I will file the sharp edges to smooth the stop/sound pick up post. I've heard if many people putting tape or heat shrink tubing over the stop to prevent the scratching but this would affect the ability of the timegrapher hear the watch. Thanks again. Tom
  2. So the sound is not picked up through the metal stop by contact with the watch. My timegrapher's stop tends to scratch the watch so if I puts some tape or heat shrink on the metal stop it would not reduce the ability to measure the sounnd? Thanks for your reply.
  3. Guys where on the 1000 is the sound pickup; where watch caseback touches the holder or the metal stop on the left side? Thanks Tomq
  4. Used some Liquid Wrench and a rod and hammer success, the c-clamp didn't budge the pressed in stub. It took major force to remove the bottom die holder.
  5. Is brass used to be softer on the metal? Im going to try a clamp with some tubing will pick up sone punches if this fails. Thanks Tom
  6. I also have a Bergeon 6040 with dies would like to make the snap-on and threaded dies work on both presses
  7. Guys just wondering if the bottom post can be removed? I would like to be able to use some threads dies also with this press. If the bottom post can be removed which direction should it be removed?Thanks Tom
  8. I ran a cross your guys forum and have been reading for the few weeks, I have started to do some watch mods and have some basic tools but with all my reading I've started to look for a watch press. I've watch many of Mark's videos over the years and did not know the connection to this forum. I am not repairing just doing hands and dials now and want to start replacing some crystals. Thanks Tom
  9. Guys what do you think of this press? The dies look rough but replacements can be bought what would be a fair price? Seems better that a cheap style press for a hobbiest. Thanks Tom
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