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  1. Ah, i have maaany many watches to replace it! That was actually a buy - restore - sell job, but must admit it was quite hard to part with!
  2. Excellent intel as always from this site. Ah i mean, for sure would have been lovely if it was 18k gold and worth hundreds! But as said no recognisable hallmarks anywhere, so was no expectations were set! Turned up with a load of other stuff so ive no 'skin the game', just more of an interest point really. Thanks very much chaps.
  3. I just recently sold this aaaabsolute stunner!
  4. Hey y'all, I know this isnt strictly speaking what we do here...but does anyone have any insight as to the meaning of these hallmarks inside a pocket watch case that just turned up with a bunch of other stuff (no watch in there, unfortunately, just the case)? I am having no luck whatsoever finding anything online. Many thanks in advance. Matt
  5. Hi all, Hoping someone can help with this. I have a lovely old Timex drivers style watch with the M25 movement. The watch winds and runs fine...but it wont stop winding! 30+ turns of the crown and its still going. Usually id think broken mainspring, but as i say the watch actually runs just fine. Any idea what could be causing this? Ta Matt
  6. Hi there, Thanks for the info. I havent started the search for a suitable case yet as id like to check the movement runs properly, hands set etc before spending the time. Matt
  7. Hi all, I recently picked up this Longines 6942 movement (its new project time), unfortunately without a stem. No problem, I thought, I'll pick up one of them nae bother.... However its proving a little tricker than i thought! Can i pick up another caliber stem that will fit? Other members of the 69XX caliber range perhaps? Or does it have to specifically be a 6942 stem? Thanks in advance.
  8. Okaaay, now i get it!! Thanks for providing that part number, using which i was able to find an image of the original crystal for this model watch. This clearly showed that not all aspects of the crystal 'unit' had come out with the crystal (ive never seen a crystal like that before). It all makes sense now! Thanks very much all
  9. Yep, that'll learn me writing posts in a hurry. Its in fact an Seiko 5 'Actus' (i also have a Tissot Actualis hence the mix up), code 6106 7480. The crystal i purchased was advertised as specifically for that watch, although i must confess i still cant see how its going to fit. That metal inner ring seems to be in the way. Going to have another look later. Will report back!
  10. Ahhh ha, ok. Yes as suggested i dont think the gasket is in there. That vid is very helpful also. Right, thanks chaps, that gives me a direction to head in. Great stuff
  11. Hi All, After some advice re replacing the crystal on a Seiko 6016-7040. I have purchased a new, correct, crystal for the watch but it doesnt go straight in the case. Does the chrome ring shown in the case pic need to come out? Its really in there, but could have been glued in? Unfortunately i cant remember what the old crystal looked like that came out of it but im sure it was just a flat crystal as well, so a bit perplexed. Any advice gratefully received. Cheers!
  12. Interesting site! I'd not come across that one before. Listed on there is also this absolutely drop dead gorgeous Hamilton: Droooooool!
  13. I didn't look at the listing/dimensions closely, just spotted it browsing. Looks similar..? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Ingersoll-Sealion-Racing-Watch/143157900703?hash=item2154e0359f:g:H7AAAOSwHQxcfQ3V:rk:1:pf:0 Lovely watch! Not exactly one to rob the bezel from
  14. Thanks for the replies all, extremely useful. The movement looks really clean, i removed the previous dead battery and in doing so checked the condition of the terminals, again they look fine to my eye. I think, as alluded to above, my best step is to try with another battery (which re-check the termninals when fitting) and if still no good then i will have a mate check the voltage etc (I don't have multimeter unfortunately). I do spy a couple of small round pads as described so that looks like where I shoudl be heading to test this. Now i think about it and reading the above,
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