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  1. Hi All, I love an exhibition case back me. To able to flip a watch over and see the craftmanship of the movement ticking away I think is fantastic (and I'm always a little surprised when higher end watches, IWC etc, don't have this, but my £60 Seiko 5 does). Especially when said movement looks like this: That's the Lemania movement in my Tissot Navigator, and oh i so wish it had an exhibition case rather than the completely bare SS back it has. My question - has anyone ever made or looked into having a see-through case back made up? I guess this could be either taking a spare back and modifying it, or actually making up a whole panel from scratch. I guess if i could find a Tissot model, or any watch for that matter, with the same dimensions that had an exhibition case back i could also try and source a case back from that model. Or am i just going mad?
  2. MattWatch

    Seiko SKX 009 movement

    May I also submit my curiosity in terms of why you'd want to do this sir? if the watch works currently it seems like a hell of an effort to end up with a watch that......still works. "Because i feel like it" and "because it would be fun" both perfectly credible answers by the way But, how about trying to find a dead one? OR, buy the bits and construct one?
  3. MattWatch

    Some past projects and keepers!

    Many thanks. Yes as I mentioned above I sourced a NOS dial for the Longines and swapped it over.
  4. MattWatch

    Watch of Today

    Thank you sir! Fell in love with it the moment i saw it, had to have it! The movement in this particular timepiece is the Lemania 872. Pretty well regarded i understand, i need to do a bit more research on the movement to be honest. Pic of movement and a better pic of the watch itself for your viewing pleasure The only thing missing from this watch - i WISH it had an exhibition case back! I am tempting to look at the logistic of having one made up.
  5. MattWatch

    Any suggestions ???

    I guess budget is a pretty big factor, no? Also, I mean yes it's gonna be tricky to pin it down to an actual year unless the year of make was well documented with the serial numbers (eg, Seiko) or it had the original dated paperwork perhaps? Like yourself i prefer larger watches, i can handle a 36mm but my ideal size is 38m (40mm at a push). The old Tissot Antimagnetique oversized watches fit my criteria perfectly. Not all that common, nice simple vintage design, 38mm case width and they don't cost the earth (DON'T pay £500 for ones on eBay!). Below are my ones. NB - if you ebay search 'watch 1953 ' you get quite a few results
  6. MattWatch

    Bag O' Watches

    Yep! I loooooove little finds like this. Is that Seiko a 7A38? Can't make out the rest as the pic isn't high res enough to get in close. It's so nice when you get to the point that you can spot a diamond in the rough isn't it. As posted above, i picked up a lot of 7 watches recently, 6of which were old quartz rubbish, but hidden in there i spotted this (obviously it didn't look quite like this when I pulled it out of the box!):
  7. MattWatch

    Watch of Today

    This has been my watch of today pretty much every day since i bought it a couple months back! 70s Tissot Navigator Chronograph:
  8. MattWatch

    Longines 30LS

    Lovely watch, it's hard to beat a nice old Longines
  9. MattWatch

    Some past projects and keepers!

    Hi everyone! Apologies, I've been a bit quite of late posting. Thanks so much for the positive comments, really appreciate Someone asked about the dials, I've cleaned a few up in my time but I'm not a dial restorer by a long shot. The Longines, I sourced a NOS dial and swapped it over and on the Oris, incredibly, that dial was lurking under the faded crystal! Swapped the crystal and jobs a goodun. Thought I'd make up for my absense with a few pics 1) Old Oris before and after pics: 2) Lovely little Zenith that came through recently 3) Avia 'Matic' automatic 4) STUNNING 9ct sold gold Tudor I also decided to treat myself to a couple of new watches :/ It took me a while to figure it out, but Tissot are by far my favourite watch maker. There are more Tissot's out there that i like than any other maker i can think of/have come accross. I like their new stuff, i like their vintage stuff, they are generally affordable, but you can go really high end if you want/can. For those reasons they're definitely the one for me. With that in mind: Sublime Tissot Navigator choronoraph. The Mrs would literally kill me to death if she knew how much this cost!! Another Oversize (38mm) Tissot Antimagnetique, which goes really nicely with the one i already had (and must get around to getting repaired). Onwards and upwards Matt
  10. MattWatch

    Tudor/ETA 2750 Stem

    Thanks also for this, much appreciated. As you seem to be a fellow fan, here's a couple of pics of it cleaned up, screwed together with a temporary crown on it. It's a beauty. There's a slim chance of me conceding on this one and taking it to my watch guy, in part for some of the reasons mentioned in this thread!!
  11. MattWatch

    Tudor/ETA 2750 Stem

    Goodness! That's what I call a thorough response. With diagrams no less! Outstanding sir :) I'll have another look later and see where we are. Thanks so much.
  12. MattWatch

    Tudor/ETA 2750 Stem

    Thanks for this. Ok, odd, using a flat blade screwdriver I can actually feel the button depressing but the stem will....not release. I wonder if there's a problem somewhere within?
  13. MattWatch

    Tudor/ETA 2750 Stem

    So i just picked up a stunning old Tudor, minus the crown! I believe this has the ETA 2750 movement. The stem seems quite short to me. Fitting another crown there is not enough "travel" to fully insert them stem when it's re cased. So I'm thinking the old crown may have snapped off? Anyway, main problem - buggered if I can get the stem out! I assume it's the little button near the stem but pushing on it won't release it and I'm terrified of pushing too hard and pushing the button out the dial side. Any ideas please?!? Am I heading in the right direction with that being the correct stem removal procedure? Ta, Matt
  14. MattWatch

    Some past projects and keepers!

    Thanks guys! All of those watches are one that I've bought, restored and then sold on. I don't 'do' other people's watches as I'd still consider myself an amateur and wouldn't want the responsibility/liability of handling someone else's watch!
  15. Hi All, Now, to start with I should say that my watch repaires are nowhere near the caliber (......see what i did there?) of some on this forum, but everyone started somehwhere right? Up until now I have been into costmetically restoring watches that run but have been somewhat unloved. Out of that I have started getting into the mechanical side too, I'm currently building up a FL Twin Power movement (one that I did not take apart) using the age old "yep, that seems to fit there" and "hmm that doesn't look quite right" methods! Some resources on this very forum have also been extremely useful. I can get the odd dead watch re-started, but a full strip down, service and rebuild is where i would like to get to. As i say mainly cosmetic work, the interest for me is taking something that looks completely unloved and turning into something that will be cherished. My watches have been bought for birthday presents, wedding presents, something that's being bought specifically to hold onto and pass down to the next generation, and that's what it's all about for me. Anyway, some examples for y'all Hamilton Self-Winding: Stunning Louis Erard Triple Date: Longines: Omega Geneve (never did try to sort that bottom lug out just in case): Oris 15 Jewel: Oris Super: Roamer Popular: Rotary 17 Jewel GP: 70s Seiko Auto: Seiko SeaHorse: Tissot Visodate Seastar Seven: Tudor: Old Timex: Thought I'd leave it there as you're probably getting a bit bored That's probably about 10% of the watches I've done over the past couple of years!! In terms of my own 'keepers', I don't actually have that many. A couple below: Tissot Seastar that I fell in love with the moment i put it on: Oversized Tissot Antimagnetique, which i sold and then pretty much begged the buyer to sell back to me. Which he did.....but failing to mention that hands were fused together. So i wound it not realising, and it's now broken and slightly in bits In the future I'd very much like to aquire a genuine military issued chronograph, that will be my significant investment watch i think. Hope you like! Matt