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  1. I decided to have a go at using a pre amp with the web cam mic because i'm really interested in getting this working. I used a basic circuit from google search and bread boarded it. output is from a seiko 5. Works but obviously it would be impossible to work on the watch. This setup does not work with the guitar mic pic up i bought so i'm going to try and build the watch o scope amp next and make a clamp. Thanks for all the input so far.
  2. Thanks I've checked these out already but they seem to rely on you having a pre amp which I don't want to try and build. I want a mic that will work out the box if pos.
  3. Hi I'm looking to build a mic setup that will work with Watch O Scope software or similar software. I've tried playing around with a webcam mic and a cheap Piezo but I'm just not getting any reading. I don't fancy building a pre amp so can anyone recommend a microphone sensitive enough to hear a watch and that will plug into my PC via 3.5 or USB? Thanks Simon
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