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  1. Someone is selling this tool and they said it was a mainspring winder LOL. I saw one of these once I'm not sure what it is I was thinking it was a Hairspring tool but I can't remember what it's called. It also looked like it was missing something and I thought it was bent until I looked at the pictures again and it almost looks like the balance is being held to the pole by a screw. Would this be a useful tool or is there a modern replacement that is more efficient. I would appreciate your thoughts thanks.
  2. Have you looked on Ebay you can find various watch hands. I'm not sure if they will have what you need but worth a look.
  3. Yes that's probably a good idea I know someone who works on electronics. Thanks
  4. Hello I just purchased a vintage Zenith Champion watch parts cleaner and this is my first parts cleaning machine to own and use. The seller said it works has forward, reverse and heater dryer but that it has no been used in a while so it could use servicing. I got a really good deal on this I'm not sure if it's a good brand or not. I know a little bit about working on electronics but I don't know much about this machine it looks really simple inside. I am wondering what I should do if anything so I can start using it and not have to worry that something should happen. The wires outer material at the top has a slice in it and the cord has been replaced spliced into the old rather than soldering it to the switch. Should I replace the wiring or will just wiping down the machine with some light detergent be sufficient. If anyone has some advice I would much appreciate it. Thanks Much Landry
  5. I just saw the date on this post any new developments on this database idea.
  6. I like this Idea I was thing about something similar but I don't have near the knowledge some of you have. I was thinking of taking apart some movements and documenting the parts for each, sounds like some work though. I do like this web site https://pocketwatchdatabase.com But I'm not sure if its quite the same.
  7. Hello fellow watch enthusiasts my name in Landry. I love pocket watches and I have a Waltham 1899 16s 7j pocket watch, the case has a nice engraving of a train on the back. This is my first pocket watch that does not have a battery my other one is a Mickey Mouse and the battery is dead again. I have always wanted to have a winding pocket watch. The watch that was given to me was not working and I did not know where to take it to have it serviced so I decided recently to work on it myself. I don't know much about watches but I am mechanically inclined. I am currently taking the watch Repair Course I am enjoying myself I just purchased some tools and I have some other pocket watches I got from Ebay. I wanted to work on some other watches before I started on mine. I think I will be sticking to Waltham, Hamilton, Elgin, Illinois and the like. I did get one Swiss Galco stop watch in an Ebay purchase but I will work on that after I get used to working on other pocket watches as i'm not sure what I will run into with the Swiss stop watch. Look forward to learning some stuff here and chatting with you. Thanks Much
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