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  1. eezyrider


    I use a Stanley knife blade to open my Rotary. Just enough to create a gap to use the normal case opener. It is well machined and no gap to insert anything but not that tight once it starts moving.
  2. eezyrider

    Henri Sandoz et Fils

    It's gaining just over 1 minute per hour. As a novice I would welcome suggestions to correct the problem
  3. eezyrider

    Henri Sandoz et Fils

    Video of the balance wheel, hope it works. VID_20181107_124210058.mp4
  4. eezyrider

    Radon Hazards of Luminous Timepieces

    It's an important subject for some more so than others. It always concerns me though, when this is mentioned, if the insurance companies are going to pick up on it. I can imagine them laying down conditions for storage in the home, like watches to be stored in lead lined containers or something ridiculous.
  5. eezyrider

    Henri Sandoz et Fils

    Haha. Oh and by the way, the bike is a Harley FXDB Streetbob Twin Cam 96 engine. Photo was taken at Avila, Spain while we were on tour. Sadly no longer, too heavy for me these days.
  6. eezyrider

    Henri Sandoz et Fils

    Yep telescopic arms would be handy. Got reading glasses. It's when bits go pinging off there's a problem. My hearing aids are ok but they just amplify sound, they don't clarify it. I'll have another look and try and video it. Thanks.
  7. eezyrider

    Henri Sandoz et Fils

    Until I get my new scope I'm struggling to see close up. When it arrives I'll have a good look. I'm partially deaf as well so can't hear it but mrs eezy says it sounds like it's on steroids
  8. eezyrider

    Henri Sandoz et Fils

    Sorry for the late reply, just spotted your post. I think it is the ST96 but I don't know the difference between 90 and 96?
  9. eezyrider

    Lettering on Dial of Geneva Watch

    It's one of 1000's of cheerful Chinese cheapie brands, some of which seem frustratingly unbreakable and utterly reliable.
  10. eezyrider

    Henri Sandoz et Fils

    Now you mention it, is does look rather open. Thanks OH
  11. eezyrider

    Henri Sandoz et Fils

    Thanks I'll try it.
  12. eezyrider

    Henri Sandoz et Fils

    Just acquired this for less than the cost of a bar meal. Unmarked stainless steel top and back and chromed centre. Measures 28mm across the crystal so it's small by todays standards. Model 1761Y - 88 It was running quite fast. I demagnetised it which slowed it down a bit and am now in the process of regulating it. I wonder does the 88 refer to the year of manufacture?
  13. Are you sure they are spring bars and not fixed bars? If they are fixed you need an open ended type strap. Sometimes with fixed bars you can see the ends on the outside of the lugs unless they have been plated over. If they are fixed and you break them out you could make a lot of work. I would be tempted to just get an open end strap.
  14. eezyrider

    Remove watch dial

    Watchweasol, thanks. What I was really asking was, were these watches fitted with the spacers from new or have they been fitted to facilitate the use of incorrect movements. You've answered the question - thanks. Nearly all the Titus, Tressa, Roamer, Favre Leuba, Henri Sandoz, Oris and others being sold on ebay from India have these spacers, so one can assume they are not the original movements?
  15. eezyrider

    Myota watch movement

    If you go to the Miyota website they list every movement available with a spec diagram. They are divided into type eg 2 hand, 3 hand, multi function etc. The difficulty comes when you don't know the height such as 2033 or 2035.