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  1. hi thuir, thanks very much for your imformation ,this is exactly the book i need, when ive tried to id the staff i need, it seems to bring me to the friction staffs , as you said; 4860/4861 the staff i removed was not a friction fit? do you think that maybe the friction staff are the replacement of the old one, maybe updated? once again thanks for your valuable help paulos
  2. hi guys, could anyone help me with the correct staff i need, this is the biggest hurdle for me so far, identifying staffs , waltham, 16s, 17jewel, estimated year 1908, model 1908, grade 625, breguet balance spring, micrometer regulator so far im led to friction fit staff, but this is definatley not. i wondered if waltham had a book listing grades and model numbers? appreciate your input and knowledge on this subject cheers all paulos
  3. cheers mike, thank you for the welcome. paulos
  4. hi all, great to be on board. im a newbe to this great hobby, think it must run in the family, my father was a clock maker who worked with my great uncle who was the watch maker/jeweler and worked in the jewlers in peckham south london. looking forward to chatting to you guys, especially the pocketwatch fanatics all best. paulos
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