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  1. Try this with labels for different sizes, the packs should lay flat in the sections.
  2. I am trying to find information on this watch. on back of cast: Citizen 25 Jewels 4-760182TA BLG-K GN-1-S and Japan imprinted on bridge. On the front Citizen Automatic. This one was fixed in the past and the gentleman removed the second hand and the post that it runs on. I am wondering if he changed out the cannon pinion. If someone knows where I can find parts or and old movement I could strip down to replace what is missing that would be a big help. Client said this came from an uncle that owned a watch repair shop in the 60's. He told him that this watch was a Dealer example to
  3. These are or the ones I have used for a while. Picked them up from a retiring watchmaker closing his shop. They work great, he did say that he modified the press some to center it.
  4. If anyone would like the .pdf's she sent me. Send me a pm with an email address. they are quite large. Charlie
  5. Ok, this is what I got from Dumont: ************************ Hi, Many thanks for your email. The AM or MM on the twezeers are the type of tweezers as you can see on our PDF brochures attached. This is not meaning no magnetic or magnetic !!! Tweezers AM that we produce are BRASS tweezers with a gold cover of 3 microns . Feel free to contact me if you have other questions. Thanks to work with our tweezers. Our family factory has 5 generations ( same family--- my husband was a Dumont son. ). Kind regards, Nicole Sgobero Vice President
  6. If you look at the Guide to Watchmakers Tweezers on Esslinger they show as a style and show these marks on many different styles of tweezers. https://blog.esslinger.com/guide-to-watchmakers-tweezers/ Now I am confused, so I went to a source and ask the question on what the MM and AM markings mean from Dumont Tools. I will post the reply when it comes in.
  7. Thanks all for the information. It was an oddity I wondered across and you have help fill in a lot of the blanks.
  8. I would really like to have pictures of the movement but the gentleman that owned the watch would not let me open it up. It is a mechanical watch not a quartz. JBerry, thanks for the translation that helps me out. So I wonder if this is an issued watch or just something you can buy as an aftermarket for bragging rights.
  9. I found this watch in a shop and I am wondering what the heck it could be. Has anyone ever seen one of these?
  10. Excellent walk though, thank you for spending the time to document your steps for us.
  11. Here is an auction with the instructions list on it. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/16079885_esser-watch-tool-made-in-switzerland#&gid=1&pid=2 and they have one on eBay for the next three days, under this title: Vintage Swiss watch case opener holder tool watchmaker ESSER movement adjustable And a picture from the liveauctioneers site from 20130
  12. Here is a reading on a 68 Omega DeVille Seamaster. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  13. Possibly a newbie mistake to purchase this. I picked it up on eBay new for half the price some promo. It is just the mic not the full stand. I will post some of the information I pull off of it later today.
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