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  1. 23 hours ago, wheats said:

    Hi all from sydney australia,am  new to the forum .

    Am chasing for a 6119-6053 sports seiko 5 -a hairspring replacement or donor movement 6119c variant.

    Watch has sentimental value as given to me by my mother on my 21st.Can anyone  help or have any ideas what can be used or substituted to get it up and running again.

    Any advice warmly appreciated.

    Hey mate, look up Doctor Watches and Clocks on youtube and give Blondfellow a message. He's in Perth and fixes all sorts of watches. I'm sending my watch to him soon to be fixed. He has a lot of spare parts.

  2. 21 hours ago, ecodec said:

    Hi, I have never had one of these in. However it appears from your photo that the LCD is powered through an elastomer flexible contact strip. If this is the case then remove the elastomers and thoroughly clean them in Isopropyl alcohol and the glass contact area as well. If this is the problem then this treatment should cure it. Careful with that soldering iron !!!! Regards, Mike. PS. You may need to put a small insulator under the -ve battery terminal ??


    Thanks for the reply. Iv'e cleaned the flexible contact strip before. I was going to give it a better clean, but Iv'e just ruined it. Iv'e accidentally knocked a few wire bonds off of the chip, lesson learnt :wacko: I'm going to try and repair it, although it's going to be like doing surgery on an ant. I'm not even sure what glue to use?

    I'm interested in knowing what the insulator does?  

  3. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the ESA 942.711 digital movement and can help me figure out what's causing it to not work?  When I received it it was obvious there was a battery leak at some point. The battery connection (see photo) has corroded and fell off, so I soldered a new connection using a led leg.  After removing the black plastic cover to have a look at the IC (I think that's what it's called) I found some more corrosion. Iv'e attempted to repair the corrosion and cleaned it up.  For some reason I can only get  numbers on the lcd when I melt the solder on each solder spot on the top of the board. Then if I remove the batteries and put them back it it disappears again. I'm trying to figure out why heating up the solder joints gets the lcd semi working :unsure: 





  4. Thank you both for the warm welcome!

    Great advice. Iv'e been practising with a cheap chrono from a fake watch. I had no problem taking it apart, but when I tried to put it back together there were 7 pieces left over :unsure: I'm not even going to attempt to repair the Longines 6332. I am playing around with the Longines ESA 942.711 tho. 



  5. 17 hours ago, rogart63 said:

    Yepp .  I got an other movement from the guy i bought a movement from. It's even out of the building. Sold it to a collector of Certina Chronoolympic watches. 

    Great stuff. Iv'e got a Longines one that isn't working either. Thought it might of been an easy fix until I removed the black plastic cover and saw this...


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  6. On 31/03/2017 at 1:53 PM, rogart63 said:

    :( didn't work? But watch watch nice. So i will try to find a new circuit for it. The lcd was working but lots of numbers was missing. Tried to clean the strips on the lcd screen but didn't help. Or a complete movement will be better? 

    Sorry to bring up an old thread. Did you end up getting it all sorted?

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