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  1. Thanks for the detailed response! Once I realized where exactly to clamp and that I should "tighten right up" I was able to get the service crown off easily.
  2. I'm assembling my first watch from components, and I have what is probably a basic question: What is the proper technique for removing the crown from the stem? I'm trying to get the service crown off the stem of a new movement. I'm using a pin vise to hold the stem, but it just spins as I try to unscrew the crown. I'm not clamping with a lot of force, out of fear of destroying the stem. Is there some trick to this?
  3. Thanks for the replies. One learns by making mistakes, but in this case I think I’ve been lucky.
  4. Hi all. I have a question about the fragility of hairsprings. I’m completely new to watch repair, and have started by regulating my mechanical watches (Seiko 7S26 and Orient F6922 movements). While adjusting the rate with a wooden dowel oriented parallel to the balance wheel, I have accidentally lightly grazed the hairspring. It was enough pressure to stop the balance wheel, but there appear to be no negative consequences. Both watches keep great time and have good positional accuracy. And according to my timegrapher the beat error and amplitude were not affected. So should I just chalk this up to good luck? Or could there be lurking damage I’m not seeing?
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