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  1. Hi John, welcome.
  2. Hi D, To remove, I push on the jewel housing from outside inward the Ebauche. Reinsert is from inside ebauche, with shock spring locked, ( empty of the jewels). I approach the desired repositioning ( for decent end shake) in small increments as I know of no tool that would drive the jewel in by calibrated micrometer action. I hope this helps.
  3. Welcome to the forum.
  4. I raise the cock just enough to take lower pivot out of the jewel hole and housing, let the pivot rest on mainplate, then disconnect the cock from mainplate, move the cock put it on top of gears bridge, run one prong of tweezers inside the wheel , then hold the cock and balance in tweezers and lift. No dangling at all. I make sure to carry out the whole operation at very low height above ground or bench. Best wishes.
  5. Hi Charlie, Sorry for late response. Internet, internet, can,t even read previous posts on this thread. Was the movement running slow or fast? If slow, depending on how slow? You may have a HS compatible with the wheel, in which case, one option is to go for vibrating the HS with the wheel. You have successfully transffered this HS couple of times, that is all the skill vibrating requires. New balance complete is the last option. Regards joe.
  6. Hi Dave, welcome back. If you feel indianapolis 500 or more, try Rome or Tehran, UK dosn't count. Best wishes
  7. How about replacing the fork. Most anyone would ruin HS without good magnification, light and fine tweezers. A new balance complete may finish this project with success, but in a way robs you of the chance to practice ( the route to skill) to build a balance complete, find faults, sort out a bent HS and learn. I am not getting tired since I am just talking. Ha ha.
  8. I don,t know , how to link or quote a portion of texts. Old guy old ipad.
  9. Hi Paochec , welcome to this watch repair school.
  10. I created a thread on the question, titled. ' How are stainless steel cases polished ' about two years ago. Among respsonses, jolly good fellow Jguitron showed samples of his work, told about the compounds, other details and offered to work with me and get me on rolling. Jdm said it, search for many related topics on the forum. Best
  11. Beat would be 18000 per hr with correct HS. Mount on different HS , the balance complete produces different beat. Two HS off of two bifora 115/1 are of the same CGS , not neccessarily same length, We presume the HS you have belongs to bifora 115/1 based on your say, that it looked alright on TG at first.
  12. Omega forum is the market place of Omega parts. Good luck.
  13. Touching shortens the operating length of HS, thence, runs balance fast and amplitude decrease so high amplitudes you are seeing reasonably dismisses" touching " Good amplitude can only come about by strong impulse, which impulse can be generated by strong MS or strong drop of pallet jewel, you are seeing high amplitude at low wind. So you either got a massay ferguson MS in the barrel or pallet is positioned wrong, banks are solid and look undamaged, that makes pallets or fork suspecious .
  14. You are not getting the right beat. Either HS is touching something, or the balance+ HS dosn't generate the right beat. If balance complete produces right beat in one 115/1 bifora, it also would in other 115/1 bifora movements. If balance complete ran right in donor movement, how come you don,t rebuild the donor.
  15. Genuine Daytona? Wow. Wear it in good health and welcome to the forum.
  16. I think this HS completed with the wheel, dose not vibrate to the right frequency/ beat. They are said to be incompatible. That can happen, if you somehow put the HS on the wrong wheel twice. Also, are you sure if the two movements beat the same?
  17. Let me read through the thread, I have forgotten what all you done so far. Best.
  18. Hi Jules, welcome to the forum.
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