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  1. Loosen cock screw to see if it frees the staff. The marks( guaged) lowers the jewels which takes out the end shake( free axial end play on staff) removing them like you say might be all you need to do, if still no end shake, gauging on the inner bound will furthur raise the jewel.
  2. No need to gauge the mainplate, just shim the bridge up, place a thin piece of foil under the cock to create some endshake, sometimes you can just move jewels to get some endshake. You replace the regulator arm with a good one at the most. The micro-pin can be punched out on a staking set and replaced.
  3. What can one say, topless model? Lovely piece, I reckon ETA powered. I have an original Valjoux 7750 , no dial no case can't decide weather to sell or build it to a watch.
  4. Variants of AS1002 often have different bridge layout, but regul arm interchanges beteewn them, I am sure a used one can be found. This odd shape of the end stone plate wouldn't change regul arms adaptability.
  5. That micro-pin is replacable. Surely used regulator arm for this exist which is to be searched/ found, show the movement please.
  6. Welcome to WRT forum Sandy.
  7. Yes stud stands about 180degrees to the opposit side of the wheel, in movements that cock mounts on the opposit side of the one you have.
  8. The plan is good providing you have checked that balance fits in place and impulse jewel interacts with fork as it should. The new balance complete is NOS (according to the seller) so I regards it as poised and at least wouldn't touch its roller, do your number with the hairspring. Good luck.
  9. I mean , moving roller ruins balance poise whereas hairspring wouln't as much or would it.
  10. Staff and roller might differ, so I put the new balance with the roller attached plus the fork and put the cock on, if it fit and did impulse, I might have chance to build a balance complete. Isn't moving either one enough?
  11. The two balances look diferent, hairspring is positioned diferent, Good chance rodabod is right. Drop the new balance complete in, tighten the cock as you normally would to see impulse jewel and fork engage and do a perfect impulse.
  12. Despite sameness of caliber, hairsprings might not interchange. Each hairspring was vibrated with the wheel it is on. I just turn the new hairspring by 180 degrees. If you happen to take the hairspring off of the wheel you have a chance to brush the hell out of the balance, usually chemicals like one dip is used to clean hairsprings, you should in no way attempt cleaning H/S physicaly. You might soak the hairspring in lighter fluid overnight for a good clean. Save the old balance complete to re-staff. Good luck
  13. End shake can be as small as .01mm just to let the arbour free to move, other factors are to be considered as well, like meshing gear teeth with the pinion of adjacent ones, specially with fork meshing with teeth of escapement wheel on one side of the fork and with the guard pin and roller on the other. But the answer to your specific question is, end shake can exceed .02mm on arbour in the train as long as no pivit jumps out and gears/arbour engage with adjacents specially if no end stone is invloved, since you wont be measuring and just go by the feel and your own instinct anyway.
  14. correction, check all arbours end shake throughout the train.
  15. If the fork doesn't jump to otherside as you give it a nudge, check gears end play in entire of the train backward to the barrel. During assembly and specially when you refit a jewel, you should check its end shake, it needs some free end play to turn unobstructed. Make a habbit of checking shakes on each arbour as you disassemble and reassemble. The refitted jewel could be pushing on the arbour it bears. Good luck
  16. Welcome to the forum. I wonder why the seller sold it.
  17. Its a signed crown and taking a bath in alum right now. I do have good quality genuine Swiss gold plated crown fhat would fit, unsigned though. Will let you know if it like the bath or not by your evening time. Best joe
  18. Its just a Swiss candino $150 quatrz watch so no gold I suppose. Would a picture help. How do you determine what material or if affected by alum, that is the question.
  19. Hi all, Have a PVD coated winding crown with stem broken in it, wonder if alum destroys the PVD coating? Its yellow gold tone PVD. TIA Joe
  20. That has to do with set mech, which include minute train and canon pinion. Dose it skip too? Clean& lube might be all it needs
  21. If you can still feel a side shake despite the new arbour, bush the center hole. Good luck.
  22. Do you have a new mainspring in the barrel or you just have the breaking grease to blame. You can't expect good results If you put back in a barrel with scratched up wall, neither.
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