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  1. @Deggsie What caliber is it and what parts do you need besides the HS?.
  2. Hi, Welcome to the forum. Psrhaps you should show us your watches, before you receive advice from me on service or repair.
  3. Hello, Welcome to the forum, looking forward to making friend with you. Regards
  4. If you suspect the autowinder, I just remove the module, normally the two screws that tighten the module to the gear bridhe are darker in color. Yes long screws can be the cause. Also check the ratchet wheel reduction wheel, its arbor drops in jewel hole in barrel bridge. The movement is vitually a manual wind once the winder module is removed. We can monitor the patern it stops,which can tell where to look for the faulf.
  5. Could be bent pivot. Endstone pushing on the pivot. Try jewels ON without the endstone. Before stripdown to mainspring , Push any gear reachable, ever slightly, to supplement the spring's force, Pour a pallat of lighter fluid on jewels when runing. Also on pallet arbor. Are you sure impulse is in beat? ,
  6. Drop the endstones on a large White sheet of paper or card- board. (Most suitable would be card board 1.5 mm thick with honey comb surface) You can lift the endstones by pushing on it with your index finger, flip over etc. Get the flat surface of endstone on the paper, put your index finger on top of the endstone, pour some lighter fluid on the card board, rub the endstone on the paper where you have the lighter fluid, push as hard as you like on top of the endstone. Lift endstone with index finger, get astonished by how shiny and clean is the surface of the endstones. Drop the stone into a small jar of lighter fluid, take out with a teaspoone. You will then see how much residue dose lighter fluid leave on the pieces we call rinsed. Ready to oil. Joe
  7. Balancestaffs.com Windingstems.com Show us packages of hairsprings and the rest.
  8. Hi Malcom, Welcome to this community of enthusiast, super-enthusiast and fully crazy watch watch lovers. Regards
  9. Right, even parts to the bracelette, Damaged bracelette on mine, I am not going to pay an arm and a leg.
  10. Is there anything WRT members can,t do? Barracuda should have know better.
  11. I couldn,t find on ranfft, the caliber sasswatch talked about , didn,t know see the looks of it. I have around fifty movements of this design made by fhf , in fact most any producer made this design. Have worked on many. @Marc you are right about the spring and center second, in case of improper oiling, even if it runs good now, it may anytime impede the movement. Everytime I removed the min wheel, the wheel fell off couple of months later. Proper tooling and skill is a must.
  12. Check if hand connection to its own tube is loose.
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