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  1. Chances are good 717 works fine. At worst, you can build a complete balance out of 717 and the one you got. An alternative to staffing in case you have no staking set.
  2. Thank you Nickelsilver, peening on staking set I suppose, I feel I may damage the stakes, so I guess, lots of light peens.
  3. I am seeking to improve on my work. I know gluing is bad practice, have seen evidence of corrosion from old glue on vinatge pieces. The pinion at hand is so tiny, I can imagine friction fitting, But rivetting??? Perhaps Frank had image of big pinion in mind. Thanks jdm. Regards joe.
  4. Thanks Frank, I guess it is back to gluing for me. This bunch I got are all used.
  5. How are escapement wheels and pinion assembled? Would instaling the pinion onto the escape wheel on staking set, suffice? Or the joint should also be shellaced? I used to just glue the joint, but do expect some sort of corrossive effect from the glue. Thanks in advance.
  6. I don,t know, surely master watchmaker dose. I guess the movement alone is a prototype and what better than a transparent case to give a sepherical view all around.
  7. Hi, Welcome to WRT forum. Master watchmaker who made bunch of prototype parts for this, helps and gives advice on this forum. Or was it one looking jusg like this?
  8. Tighten prongs of a stem vice on the canon pinion, pull out.
  9. Dosn,t the canon pinion need to turn on center arbor in set position? So, I see no need for pinion remover tool. A droplet of penetrating oil on the center arbor and pinion, let soak for day or two, push on the center arbor from the dial side down, if didn,t loosen, you may at the last resort tap on the arbor gently to break it loose.
  10. Well, surely moderators will consider that you are new, I think mentioning a price goes against forums policies period. It is already posted only a moderator can take it down. Don,t worry.
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