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  1. Caliber 4006? What is Complex about it. Put one on the bench, you will change mind. We are here to learn, Jonathan. I am afraid your post may be in violation of forum's policies. Regards.
  2. Oops that is daytime, I think this goof up of mine can qualify for a genuine brain fart.lol.
  3. I take it you manually clean pallets. So I make a habit of dropping the fork in bath of avgas and gently brush (soft brush) pallets alot. I think more friction and drag come to the play during escape teeth run on the face of pallets , than all other low tension components combined. Good clean and proper lube on a good pallet face is your ticket to good amplitude. Escape teeth scratch pallets face especially if dry, so I make a habit of routinely checking pallet face under high magnification. But in this case, I am affraid replacing complete fork with a good one is your best option. Watchweasol once called pallet adjust a minefield, everyone agreed.
  4. Looks like you have no shellac left on pallet jewels. What cleaning solution you used. Pallets having moved deeper inside the fork slot causes fluttering. I check side shake on the fork arbour and escape wheel as well.
  5. Let a magnet find it for you. Duroswing is hard to come by. I would go as far as fitting another type of jewel assembly, but click springs .
  6. Considering it occurs in same time span and in static position, I looks for the fault in the minute train including canon pinion, hands, hands tubes rubbing. Elimination would,nt do much good here, since you would eliminate the min hand which is what you need to observe the reocurance with..Unless you set the hand 12 hr ahead, then the fault is to be ran through in day time, when you have a your eyes open and better chance to catch the guy red handed, if you did, your tg can help confirm. I make an observation with the dial removed, hands installed too.
  7. FLwatchguy has already identified the movement. Please find answers to your questions in ranfft.com and how he identifies movements by the shape of their keyless. Further, see the family of this caliber and more. Let me dig in my bag of tricks, I just may have several NOS complete balance for the caliber. These often pop up on ebay too and are cheap.
  8. Thanks @watchweasol please keep on the good work with your valuable contribution ,data sheets help a lot.
  9. Hi, welcome to the forum Steven.
  10. You stand a good chance of finding complete balance for it, as well as hairspring.
  11. You would need a compatible hairspring to vibrate the with this wheel, it would work even if not a dedicated hairspring, however, Building a complete balance that can deliver the split second accuracy expected out of Rolex is however a job for competent watchmaker, who would certainly go with genuine Rolex parts.
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