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  1. Hi all, I recently had a tag aquaracer repaired after the crown would no longer screw down, probably because I stripped the threads. Was this likely due to me screwing the crown in too much? Also, do threads get stripped slowly over time or is it one bad movement of the crown that can cause such damage?
  2. It was initially but it only lasted 1/2 years and I am well past that point. I would hope though if the problem resurfaces so quickly that Tag would likely not charge me again?
  3. Thanks again for the info. Is it likely that Tag would charge me for the repair seeing as I have only had it back for less than two weeks? Also, if it helps at all I have attached an image of the replaced parts that were sent back with the watch. https://imgur.com/a/H3mhggl
  4. So is there any way to use non tag parts to lessen the likelihood of my problem happening again? If not, what have I likely been doing wrong to cause the problem to resurface so quickly?
  5. Thank you for the response. So if excessive tightening is not the problem, what is causing it?
  6. I have a Tag Heuer Aquaracer that recently came back from being serviced and repaired. The original problem was that the screw down crown became very difficult to screw down and eventually became impossible to do so. I did some research and it seems likely that I may have tightened the crown too much and stripped the threading. Ok, my bad. I sent the watch in through an AD and I had to pay almost $400 to have it serviced and repaired. They returned the watch and I have had it for about two weeks now. It worked fine at first but about two days ago the crown has become very difficult to screw down, just like it was previously before it became impossible to screw it in. I am quite flustered as I have been very careful about not screwing it in too much this time around. I have owned cheap invicta watches in the past and had no problems whatsoever with the crowns, yet a $1500 tag heuer watch is causing me these problems. From what I understand, the problem is that the threading is on the inside of the stem and it is therefore easy to cross thread the watch when screwing the crown in. Is it possible to go to a repairman (not the AD) and have him replace the stem with a non tag one? If so, how much would it be likely to cost. I would like to get this problem out of the way for the foreseeable future so I do not have to pay 1/3rd of the watch's value to have it repaired after two weeks.
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