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  1. Here’s a shot of my timegrapher when the amplitude was at its lowest. Everything else looks fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have a brand new Rolex OP with the 3130 movement. On my No. 1000 timegrapher I'm seeing something strange with regards to amplitude. This is being tested on a watch at full wind, with lift angle settings of 52 deg in the flat dial up position. When I take the watch off wrist and place it on the timegrapher, I always start out with an amplitude in the 290 range. As it rests on the TG stand for a few minutes the amplitude will slowly drop and eventually settle around 270. It will fluctuate up and down a few degrees. I've seen it go as low as 267 and it will go up to 273. I've monitored it for the better part of an hour and it seems pretty consistent. I've tried this several times and I always seem to get the same results. Higher amplitude at first and once it rests for a couple minutes it drops down. #1 I'm concerned with how it seems to drop amplitude. #2 Isn't 270 for a brand new Rolex 3130 in the dial up position at full wind on the bad side, or am I wrong? #3 My AD says "it's in spec". Should I be happy with this? Thank you for the information.
  3. That's effectively what I've done in the past, I'm just wondering if there's a better way. Can the positional variance be fixed so that all positions are basically giving the same rate, then adjust down to as close to zero as possible?
  4. Hi guys, first post here. I had a question about regulating a Seiko movement (4r or 6r series), or I suppose any movement. I've no problem adjusting the beat error and rate of the movement, but how do I deal with the positional accuracy? I have a movement that is showing good amplitude in all positions but there is 20-30 seconds difference in rate in depending on position, is that easily fixable? It would seem that if you're +20 in dial up and -10 in another position, and +10 in yet another position, the odds of getting the watch keeping accurate time constantly is futile. Thanks for the info and for the forums. Pleasure to be here.
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