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  1. aqeeliqbal

    How to repair automatic watch?

    @Chopin Thank you very much. Yes i am from Pakistan. Actually here most of the watch makers are just so called watchmakers. they can just repair digitals watch by just replacing the machinery. And if I find someone who can actually expert in repairing watches specially automatic watches, they are way too expensive. may be it will cost about the price of the watch that is why i was thinking if can do it my self if there is some kind of tutorial available for this.
  2. aqeeliqbal

    How to repair automatic watch?

    @Chopin thank you for replying i think spring you are talking about is right there. It just get unbalanced and stops at certain angles.(watch video), so i think its just the jewel. where can i find it and how to put it in the watch. This watch is a gift so i am loving it more that my expensive watches IMG_6324.mp4
  3. Hi watch lovers <3 i got a Robisi automatic watch. It accidentally fell down on the floor and its glass got detached which i attached again but after some time i realised that the Synthetic ruby gem was missing from it. Therefore it lost its balance and it stops time to time. How do i fix this?