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  1. Something that can take a disinfectant or a alcohol rinse after you come back from food shopping
  2. Thank you for that, I think £50 seems a fair price as the clock cost me nothing and I only spent a few enjoyable hours repairing it
  3. I saved this clock from the bin men as it was going to be thrown out. It had a few faults, gong bracket broken, out of beat, minute hand retaining tapered pin missing and a bent nail was fitted instead. the clock isn’t my cup of tea but my mate loves it so I told him he could have it for what it’s worth now it’s working again but I don’t know what that price would be its a HAC clock made in Germany
  4. I said to my mother I bet it’s like WW2 she replied it’s worst, in the war, at least we had a warning before they dropped the bombs
  5. We have a saying in work, " nasty cough two weeks off" but on a serious note a lock down is the only way to go after seeing the unreasonable, inconsiderate people this weekend
  6. Find a vessel to fit the movement, place the movement dial side up, fill the vessel just below the dial with WD40, place vessel in an ultrasonic cleaner for 10 minutes. A last ditch hope but has worked for me
  7. Redwood

    cuckoo clock

    All done and the little bird returns back into the clock and closing the door behind her. Not an easy fit, music box, bellows, bird, chains and weights removed, removed the movement, stripped out the lever and broken spring, work hardened some .3mm brass wire, formed a new spring and replaced everything. Tested it for a week and all seems good. One thing for sure it got on my nerves and didn’t give me any ideas about getting one.
  8. Any idea how long the paint remains stable i.e its luminescence, It would be sad to spend all that time and find out after a couple of months it fails to glow
  9. Nothing wrong with organized chaos, tool will be exactly where I know they will bee, not in the tool station
  10. It would be interesting to see how fine the powder is, I bought some crap of eBay and was too grainy to use for hands
  11. Welcome. Attention to detail probably sums up both professions. A great project to start with would be a 1940s aviation time clock like you find in a Spitfire or Mustang.
  12. Cousins do the capacitors, the one you want is obsolete but there is an alternative https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/citizen-movement-parts#
  13. Redwood

    cuckoo clock

    They do stock some parts but not the spring I need. I might have to make one or fit a return spring somewhere else
  14. To cut a long story short a cuckoo clock ended up on my work bench today, the fault reported that it doesn't cuckoo any more after taking it to a guy who had it for a year. I had a quick look and the lever that stops the music and dancers was in the off position so I moved the lever and the cuckoo bellows worked but the little bird didn't pop out. on closer inspection the lever/arm that comes off the movement was the wrong side of the operating rod that is attached to the bird so I put it the right way and tried it again and the bird came out but did not go back in as the coiled brass return spring did not seem to have any tension on it. I looked on Cousins site for a replacement spring but none seem available!!! The movement is a Hubert Hurr
  15. I took the plunge and bought it for £12, took the shade off my anglepoise lamp and fitted the bulb . Hard to explain how good it is but now I can see dust inside watches that I could never see before
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