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  1. I was told by a restorer that since benzine may have several formulas, with higher or lower flashpoint and levels of purity, to look for n-hexane instead. This is the most desired part of what comes mixed into “benzine”...
  2. marcoskaiser

    Venus caliber technical data

    Thanks Wls. I ordered it. And... found Christian Lass's course. I know in this forum we are all indebted to Mark Lowick, but in a purely academic way, I think we could all benefit from a constructive comparison. Someday, perhaps.
  3. marcoskaiser

    Venus caliber technical data

    Thank you WLS and John. The links are great. The Joseph watches site is amazing! With Mark’s 6 videos on the 175, these sites and perhaps De Carle’s books i can envisage a lot of fun. I just got a 175. And it needs servicing. Would you recommend the book ‘complicated watches and their...’ by DeCarle for venuses as well?
  4. Hello all. I just came across this on ebay, do you have any idea if it is worth the price? Does it have more info than what is already on the web? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263816613238
  5. marcoskaiser

    Help identifying movement

    Thank you Luke, the lanco is the closest to date, but not exactly..
  6. marcoskaiser

    Help identifying movement

    Thank you Oldhippy, this 10 1/2 movement is evading all classification. No wonder I got it free.. the trademark looks like two “A”s or a “W”...
  7. Thank you Oldhippy, I oiled it. The spring can be bent back to what should be the right angles, but seems to be ‘tired’. It will serve me well nonetheless. I may need to shape it a few more times, but cannot imagine using it extensively.
  8. Hello all, I just got a K&D mainspring winder very cheap, but the tool is a bit stuck and the spring does not open when the ring is loosened. I would like to clean and oil the spring. Any clues on how to disassemble the winder? I don't want to ruin the threads turning the wrong way or using pliers... Thank you!
  9. marcoskaiser

    Help identifying movement

    Got the thing out! the glass pops out without the need of a watch glass opener.. just a knife.. Not HB 106..
  10. marcoskaiser

    Help identifying movement

    That’s very close, thank you rogarth63. I will open the thing asap.
  11. marcoskaiser

    Help identifying movement

    I looked underneath the balance complete and there was no mark. Will remove from the case then. Thank you Oldhippy
  12. I went trough Ranfft very carefully, but still could not find this Larex watch. Closest I could find was HB106. Is there any other source for finding movements like this vintage one?1078A swiss made...
  13. marcoskaiser


    Great example! Much better than what I saw first http://calibercorner.com/maurice-lacroix-caliber-ml-16/ Funny how in the comments people both praise and loath the level of 'imperfection' or 'brutality vs elegance'. Wasn't it from Papi, what would the comments be? Anyway, great inspiration. I will not touch any springs yet. Only the brass parts.
  14. marcoskaiser


    Nice work! Thank you for sharing.. I will start mine slowly. One bridge at a time. Let’s see how far I get.