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  1. marcoskaiser

    Trolls, Spammers & One-timers.....

    Definitely not. I only recently joined the forum, but agree that a small introduction is the minimum to do in advance of asking for help. And thanks for putting so much time and effort into helping others.
  2. marcoskaiser

    Venus 170 repair

    Hello Scott! I have been dismantling and re-assembling the dead 170 many times (i think 8) trying to memorize the parts and sequence. There is another enthusiast beginner on watchuseek, Michal, who even made some springs. We exchanged parts, and now need to get a case. Or make one. Don’t know which is more difficult. I recently won a lot on ebay, and got really delicate tools for the job of fixing the hairspring (and 3! Of those tools for clamping and heating parts, if anyone is interested-i will offer those somewhere on this forum for free) Although obviously it is too early to succeed on fixing hairsprings, little by little the exercise of fixing and making tools is helping my touch. Have you ever used the leveling tools? The 175 is in a green strap now, waiting to be cared for one day..
  3. marcoskaiser

    Rust on tweezers

    Thanks Tudor. Been reading about patina. Quite an interesting subject. Pity most patinas are hazardous to the skin..
  4. marcoskaiser

    Rust on tweezers

    I wonder if this passivation could be called patina. Are there any examples of this on stainless steel cases?
  5. marcoskaiser

    Rust on tweezers

    Very interesting input from different authors. Who would think that rust on tweezers would be so interesting..
  6. Thank you oldhippy, bsoderling and rogarth, I had no idea these things could be fiddled with. Very interesting, but only experienced people would know which one to use. I Will try to grab an original to start with, and try to replicate it, with this inexpensive stuff.
  7. Sorry.it’s actually part 8335 op. lever spring. The ebay ad is wrong Same picture, just another number
  8. Hello all, sorry for the silly question... I (and probably many others who got scrap venus movements to practice) got a venus 170 missing a specific spring, part 8320 coupling clutch spring. These are expensive and /or rare. But on the other hand, CousinsUk sell an intriguing pile of springs. Are these meant to be formed into whatever you need? And if not, who would buy such a generic product? Do you think the cousins springs could be used to replace the 8320 part?
  9. marcoskaiser

    Rust on tweezers

    Seems that the lot will go for less than that Per piece..
  10. marcoskaiser

    Rust on tweezers

    I am not bidding on this one. I won the last lot, and it was wayyyy more expensive that this...
  11. marcoskaiser

    Rust on tweezers

    I hope nobody here is already watching this, i would hate to be the one to inflate the prices. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123279477571
  12. Forgot to add that this is only my humble opinion. i am not a chemist, neither sage in anything related to watches.
  13. It’s more complicated than that.hexanes and pentanes. Short chain chemical composts. Best shortcut is to identify yourself as a restorer, and get the pure products they use and favour. For example, when cleaning oil paint, a mixture of acetone, xilene, hexane and so on is always around.. This is what I got:
  14. marcoskaiser

    Hairspring vibrator use

    Thanks! I just missed one part: it is used to make a hairspring (like from a flat piece of metal) or to fix one already bent?
  15. marcoskaiser

    Hairspring vibrator use

    Did you build the tool, jdrichards? Is this tool of any interest? I wonder how the roller would be used. It’s beautiful... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273335752187