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  1. Took your example and made me a balance tack as well. With an extra hole for a k&d tool that was hanging around without a base.
  2. Label in english for “french” movement?
  3. Thanks, nickelsilver! You mean, the first hairspring, the one still mounted is beyond repair? I haven’t touched it. If it is what you meant, it’s disappointing. Thanks for the clarification on the vintage tools!
  4. Dear all, I recently had the pleasure of finding a damaged hairspring needing care. My first! It’s an inexpensive orient watch, gaining 20 minutes a day. I am taking Mark’s fault finding course, and have other inexpensive hairsprings to practise with. I also got some vintage tools I’d love to use. Until now for me levellers were only the Oliver Cromwell people, but ebay never ceases to surprise... I could pass the first stages of correcting the coil, with two tweezers. But could not find a use for the vintage tools. Could you help me to figure it out? Picture 1 is the bent hairspring picture 2 and 3 the box of tas levellers picture 4 is the hairspring suffering under my tweezers now picture 5 shows the tip of the tools picture 6: from De Carle. Would this be the purpose of the levellers? The overcoil?
  5. Thank you Tmuir and watchweasol! roller removers by the dozen, then. Here are the pictures for n. 7. I guess whatever it was, it’s not worth fixing now. Number 3 is intriguing..
  6. Wood is surely more sustainable and cheap than brass... I noticed that sometimes people like clickspring (makes videos on tooling and clockmaking) use some kind of superglue to hold metal together. At 6:54, if you get bored...
  7. Thanks nickelsilver! I turned a brass holder and left it on the chuck until the end. Only trouble was securing the steel. I used cianoacrylate, and washed it with acetone to release the piece. But heat would melt the glue. Must research some glue for this purpose. Any thoughts? Best,
  8. Dear all, I was given some nice mistery tools, and cannot wait to use them. If only I knew what are they for.. please help. I am aware most are incomplete, and would love to make the missing parts and restore them.
  9. I could not resist and started to make a case back to eventually fit a sapphire glass. I took an old orient case as raw material. On the lathe, I gave up mesuring and only listened to the cutting to get hairs off the internal diameter of the stainless ring. Got a fit, but also a question: those of you who made the thing for real, what quality/hardness stainless steel should be used? And is there an optimal angle for the fittings of these click-on backs? Thanks! marcos
  10. Hi AndyHull, Please, what would be a suitable grease for that, in your opinion? Would any of the greases we already have be good? Moebius 8200, molykote, or plain industrial vaseline?
  11. Thanks for sharing! Loved the humour.
  12. That’s encouraging. I will do so. Thanks for the push!
  13. Hello Liam! Please let us know how did it work. I have a venus 170 missing the case back, and started to consider this option.
  14. The Hammer spring is also different. But seems interchangeable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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