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  1. Mark shows you how to remove the jewel setting in this video: The first part of the video shows the screw heads on the underside of the balance cock. In your case you will only have to clean and oil the jewel and not fit a new jewel like the rest of the video shows.
  2. What does it sound like? 9E94AC15-B5F9-4488-B3C3-3730CA848D1E.MOV
  3. Perhaps an elegant Pocket Watch Bench Key for winding the movement when out of its case.
  4. I use this LED light. It’s small, standing eleven and a half inches tall. The top of the light flexes so you can move it into different positions. Sometimes it’s too bright so I tape a piece of watchmakers paper to the light to diffuse it a bit. Costs $29.00. I ordered it online from Office Depot. Picture is has the light on my workbench.
  5. HI, I just saw your post. The White faced orient is an : Orient 42mm Stingray Day and Date Automatic #EM7K00BW.
  6. Oh! Now I see. You were just resting the return bar spring on the setting lever while trying to figure out how it interacts with the hacking lever. At first glance I thought you placed it on the setting lever pin rather than below the return bar. I now understand the problem. I guess my pictures won't help at all because they don't show the interaction of the return bar spring and the hacking lever.
  7. Posted are some disassembly pictures I took while working on a Smiths movement. The spring you show rested beneath the return bar rather than on the pin of the setting lever. I can't help with the hacking mechanism because this movement didn't have one.
  8. I was uncertain about the rug - perhaps that was a bad decision. I decided to try it because it has a very tight weave so I hope parts will not become imbedded and lost. Andy Hull raises an interesting point to debate - a rug may have some virtue in preventing parts from shooting "off in a random direction."
  9. Doesn't the triple slot screw indicate that it is reverse threaded and requires unscrewing in a clockwise direction?
  10. Thank You...its been a two year work in progress to get this far'
  11. I did use it for a while but it wasn't quite high enough. I'm looking for a new stool - one that I can adjust lower than the one I have now. when I find one i'll go back to the table top bench.
  12. Now I have a dedicated watch workshop with a place for everything - and everything in its place. I use the adjustable tray table on the desk to bring my work up to eye level.
  13. The Babe Ruth Benrus was part of a Benrus advertising campaign - "Babe Ruth wears a Shockproof Benrus Watch."
  14. This may help - the timex service manuals. https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/0B-IKHN7WFKiwLVFQRjQyUUV0bmM
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