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  1. Alright! There's a lot to learn and pick up along the way so I appreciate the help. Thanks guys!
  2. Yeah, I can see the little metal pin holding the stem in place but the "button" is on the other side, yeah? So that's probably not a good idea to loosen from this point. I saw the video where Mark Lovic used a syringe and a plastig bag to pop out the glass with preasure. He pulled the crown out since it was a sort of "snap-on" kind of fastening. How would you know if you're dealing with one of those stems? I'm guessing since I can see the part holding the stem in place that we're not talking about that kind of release but I was just curious.
  3. Really now? That's really good to know! Thanks the answer!
  4. Hi! I posted this question in another forum but I think it's more suited in this discussion! So I just bought a Timex Watch and need to remove the movement for reasons. I snapped of the back and discovered that this is not the way to remove it. So I'm wondering if I have to remove the glass and pull it all out from the front and if so - how do I go by doing this? I'm still very new to all this but I want to learn!
  5. Thank you so much for helping me out! Appreciate it a lot!
  6. @oldhippy I see! Well I thought as much! So this wheel is just trash then. Where could I buy replacement parts? Is the correct measurements all I need or are there specific types of wheels for a certain work? I'm sorry for all these questions. Like I said - I'm all new to this! By the way. Thank you for taking your time and writing a reply!
  7. Hi! I'm a newbie when it comes to all this but I've become really interested and been wanting to learn more! So I got a question when it comes to the third wheel. The slot, in the frame of the whole watch, for the third wheel is like, any other part of the watch, ridiculously small. So small that it's impossible to fit the third wheel into the slot! The top of the third wheel slides into the cover slot just fine but the lower end wont go in - so if I were to put it together it would only wobble instead of spinning in place. My question is if it's a possibility that the lower end
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