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  1. Save my diver

    I don't need the watch to be running by the end of the week, I want it to be running eventually. If that takes me 2 months, that's ok, I'm a patient man. Maybe I'll end up buying a new movement and swapping it but I'd rather try to see what's wrong with this one. Scrap movements for training: agreed...I consider the non-working Miyota to be my first training movement :-D So, my plan, so far: wait for ma last tools (hands remover, ...) to arrive (a week); remove the rotor; remove the main bridge; take a picture and post it here.
  2. Save my diver

    Very happy to feel some support from you guys! Service: not doing that for the moment, I have no oil, no skills, nothing. Waterproofing: that's step 2. If I resuscitate the watch, I'll most probably buy a chinese waterproof testing machine. Knowing the symptoms, how do you feel about my idea that it's a main spring issue? What's the right strategy, then? Is there a Miyota 8215 service book somewhere I didn't find? I don't want to exasperate you with questions but I tend to do ten times more planing than action...and I'm waiting for some tools anyway.
  3. Save my diver

    I'm French. Yeah, I reckon I could get a new movement for $50 and swap it. But that's plan B. Plan A is to take the watch apart, **BLEEP** it up completely...and only then replace the movement :-D
  4. A new frenchman

  5. My Beuchat Apnea has been a work horse for nearly 10 years (bought it the 11th Feb 2008)...up until a few month ago when condensation appeared inside after a shower (which isn't that great for a diver ). I let it to rest in a warm (not too hot) place with the crown unscrewed and the water disappeared. Worked for a few more weeks and that was it.Today, it only ticks when I wind it : the second hands moves while I manually wind it and stops as soon as I let the crown go. (That makes me think there's something wrong with the main spring...which makes me think it's unrelated to the shower incident).When I unscrew the back, I don't see anything obviously wrong (by that, I mean I didn't end up with a spring in my eye).For the price of a service, I can buy some tools and actually learn some skills. I know some will think it's a bad idea but I insist on doing it myself, hopefully with your guidance. Would you guys be able to guide me through that? I think it's a Miyota 8215 (Miyota, I'm sure, it's written on it )
  6. A new frenchman

    Watch enthusiast for a long time, I've had a few tools for a long time but never did more than changing a battery on a quartz or regulating a Russian movement. I've enjoyed the watch repair youtube channel and I need to do some work on my diver, hence my sign-up here