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  1. Thanks Vacherin didn't notice them. That will work.
  2. Been watching video of the omega 2500. How does one regulate it there is no index.
  3. There is something on the barrel bridge that may be significant but I can't make it out from your pic.
  4. Try H S WALSH & sons Biggin hill Kent they've never let me down been going a long time tons of N O S.
  5. I'd start by putting a drop of my lightest oil on the thread and a drop on the stud then leave for a few hours over night is best. This tip comes in hand for anything that is seized up. Be careful that hair spring looks o k . I would place the whole thing on the bench cock down and prize the wheel and staff out of the collet start with a couple of razor blades then two fine screwdrivers. Or two thin knife blades put the wheel and staff in a safe place if the hairspring is tapper pinned in the stud the balance and H/spring can be separated from the cock here and not at the collet/staff . The stud grip screw look big enough for a couple of flats to be filed on it for extra grip.
  6. I read somware years ago that they make balance springs three at a time. They put three peices of the spring metal in a three jaw collet chuck that has side supports the metal runs through friction jaws then the chuck turns the set number of times the feed metal is cut. The springs are removed from the chuck the nature of the metal causes the springs to take up the desiered shape with the desiered spaces between the coils.
  7. Hair springs be patiant I myself remove the anchor pin with an old pair of tweezers assertane which way it comes out by finding the thin end it's tapered place one leg of the tweezers behind the block the other leg on the THIN end of the pin and squeeze progrsessely the pin will just drop out cover with a piece of polythene if you want. When your makeing the coils something like beware of loops (a coil that has got over another coil ) try not to any more bends in it than there allready is go slowly. Now have a look at the plane ( side view) take the worst of the twists out. Starting from just beyond the sharp bend start takeing the bends out and some times putting some in .... Good luck Mark Lovick dose a marvelous video on the subject on utube watch it before you start it'll give you confidence all the best.
  8. SPRINGS ! I've been servicing watches since 1968 when my father died and I ineherited his tools I used to watch him and have a go on scrap movements. Return bar springs click springs especially the U shaped ones e used to fill me with dread as the always want go flying round the room till I discovered the cotton trick I tie a piece of cotton about 1.5 foot round the bottom of the U ( a loose not ) then put the damn thing in position. If it flys out I've still got it. Put the plate or what ever holds it looslely in position then fish the cotton out tighten up there you go over the years this must have saved me 100s of hours if not1000s. S
  9. When reassembling there are a few checks you can make as you go ! After assembly of the wheel train and spring barrel I give it a LITTLE wind and look at the 4th wheel and escape wheel for run back they should stop and run back a little bit due to the inertia in the train causing backlash in the mainspring. No run back something binding like the spring barrel cover not seated correctly as has already been mentioned. I then oil barrel and train if all's well the run back will increase. I then mount the balance wheel ( without the pallet installed.) I then check for end shake freedom of rotation ,hair spring orientation laterally and contricity and the position of the impulse pin it should be on a direct line with centre off the balance staff and the escape wheel staff. Take balance wheel and bridge out again and install pallet give one wind of crown the pallet arm should be on one banking pin I then take my fine tweezers put them together and push slowly on the fork end in the direction it travels when It gets almost half way it should jump across to the other banking pin do the same thing the other way and it should jump back. That took longer to type than it takes to do.
  10. I have in the past reknurled worn winding buttons with no more than a pin vice and a three square or a knife file with your ability to make a crown by hand it should be a walk in the park. Siro
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