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  1. Lawren5

    Strange Oscillation in Balance

    Further examination revealed the escape wheel to have a bent pivot as shown in the photo. From what I've read in another WRT post, attempts at bending pivots back into position presents a high risk of breakage.
  2. There is a strange oscillation in the balance wheel which causes it to slow down and then speed up. The oscillation appears to be constant in that it occurs in intervals of about five second as seen in the video. The readings from my iphone "timegrapher" show amplitude and rate to be quite variable. BPH: 18000 Beat Error: 12.5 ms Amplitude: 190 to 290 deg Rate: -180 to +180 s/d The watch is a vintage Citizen alarm in which I ended up replacing both the exit and entry jewels manually. I don't have the tools for this process nor do I know the specs to which they should be set. Is it possible that improper setting of the pallet jewels could cause this oscillation? Or could is be a combination of pallet jewels and excessive beat error? Or something else? citizen.wmv citizen.wmv
  3. Lawren5

    Inserting Pallet Jewels

    Yes, I came across that link the other day. I used a piece of wood to make a "staking block" similar to what's shown in the article. Still, trying to fit these small components is a challenge.
  4. Lawren5

    Inserting Pallet Jewels

    That Bergeon tool looks nice but as a hobbyist I have a hard time justifying that kind of money. I did manage to get one of the jewels reset and am currently working on the other.
  5. Lawren5

    Hello from Lake Chelan

    Yes, the lake has excellent fishing, lots of trout and kokanee, a land locked salmon. The lake is 55 miles long, a mile wide and is the third deepest lake in the US.
  6. I realized I've been on this forum for several months and haven't yet introduced myself. I'm retired and living in the Lake Chelan area of Washington State. I became interested in watches last year and thought it would make a great indoor hobby. After taking an online course, I acquired several old and broken watches to practice on. It's been challenging but enjoyable. I find this forum extremely helpful and its members supportive.
  7. The exit jewel came loose so I ended up pulling both jewels and removing the shellac. However, I'm having one heck of a time trying to reinsert the jewels. What is the preferred procedure for doing this?
  8. Lawren5

    What type of screw is this?

    Thanks, Rogart63. I've confirmed that they are left hand threads. Yes, it is an alarm movement.
  9. I'm working on a vintage Citizen watch and came across these screws that are used on the barrel, ratchet and crown wheel. They each have three slots in them but don't seem to take a screwdriver. What type of screw is this and what is the correct method for removing them?
  10. Lawren5

    Gear Train Binding

    OK, problem solved. It appears that when I removed the cannon pinion, I damaged the center wheel tube by elongating the opening. This caused it to bind on the shaft of the sweep seconds wheel. I was able to make the opening round again by inserting the pointed leg from a pair of dividers into the opening. It no longer binds and the gear train now turns freely.
  11. Lawren5

    Gear Train Binding

    So I was able to remove the tube from the sweep second wheel shaft fairly easily. Once removed, I was able to disassemble the gear train and give it a thorough cleaning. However, reassembling it did not alleviate the binding. I noticed that there are two round nubs near the end of the sweep second wheel shaft (first photo). When the main bridge is installed, it forces the center wheel (second photo) to lock onto these nubs, in fact I can hear it click when it does (third photo). At this point, the sweep second wheel and center wheel are binding. Looking at the tube on the center wheel, it appears that it's designed to accept the two nubs so I don't understand why it's binding.
  12. Lawren5

    Gear Train Binding

    You are correct JohnR725. The hand on the left is the one that came off the watch. Fortunately, I have a spare.
  13. Lawren5

    Gear Train Binding

    The thing in the picture appears to be some type of collet. I've provided better photos below. It does not rotate and is attached to the end of the shaft. This end of the shaft goes through the main plate and the cannon pinion then attaches to it. The caliber is an A. Schild 1430.
  14. Lawren5

    Gear Train Binding

    Initially I ran it through the ultrasonic cleaner. When that didn't work, I soaked it in lighter fluid and then oiled it but still no success. Something is keeping the center wheel from freely rotating on the shaft, possibly dirt that the cleaning isn't getting. Can the center wheel be removed from the shaft for further cleaning? If so, what is the procedure for removing it?
  15. Lawren5

    Gear Train Binding

    I have a watch in which the gear train worked fine when I first got it. After removing and reinstalling the cannon pinion, however, the gears no longer turned freely. Specifically, the center wheel and fourth wheel no longer turned independently but instead are bound up and turned as a one. In the photos, the center wheel is on bottom and the fourth wheel is on top. I suspect that when reinstalling the cannon pinion that the gear position shifted on the shaft. I therefore pulled the center wheel away from the bridge which allowed it to turn freely again, however, it binds up when the main bridge is installed. Any idea what's going on here?