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  1. The movement i am replacing is has a H1 hour wheel, so that is sorted. I must be slow... because the difference of D3 or D6 movement is obviously what direction the numbers on the date ring has. Thx. Dennis.
  2. Now we are talking about it, what is the difference of a movement, being D3 or D6??
  3. Thx guys... The 955.412 is pretty easy to get a hold of. So this must be the one to order. Again thx.
  4. I have a Tissot with a ETA 555.415 movement, that is water damaged. I have decided to replace the movement, as the ETA movement is pretty low cost. But the 555.415 is not as easy to find, as some other ETA movements. So my question is, is there other ETA models that are directly interchangeable with the 555.415?? Dennis.
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