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  1. I fear you will probably have to find a donor watch to get it. It's hard to find bezels to replace lost ones, it's not something you can just buy a brand new one to replace it.
  2. I don't know if they measure by inner or outer diameter, but there are lots of bezel inserts on aliexpress.com When I add 42mm the one that comes up has the words YachtMaster on it... So probably same you've seen already.
  3. I recommend getting the parts to make a watch. It made it more fun to case the movement and have a watch at the end of it. Be careful to get all the measurements for dial size and case etc to match. I ended up having to buy two cases because I didn't look at the measurements. I'll say it's an expensive hobby to start too. After buying all the tools and oils I think I'm into this watch for $600 lol. But I love it, it turned out nice. Plus I have the tools and enough oil for dozens more projects going forward, so the investment is worth it. Good luck with your 6498 with the exception of the seconds location it should be pretty similar.
  4. phydaux, how has it been going with Mark's videos and the 6497 or whatever you chose? I'm a noob too, been lax on practicing for a couple months myself but trying to get back into it. I thought the 6497 he uses in the video was a good starter because of how simple it was to take apart and put back together. If you haven't done that one I'd recommend at least starting with it. I got into my second watch tear down after the 6497 and it's a lot different when the piece you are working on doesn't match the training video.
  5. Thank you for the sage advice. Maybe I'll let a pro do this higher value watch, and I will keep playing with my cheap ones until I get seasoned.
  6. An additional question for anyone in the US. Where do you get mainsprings from? The suppliers listed in resources don't seem to have much and the websites aren't very easy to use. I saw Mark's video and from the Cousins website I found it super easy to get the GR code for the mainspring I need. Finding it on the US suppliers websites is turning out to be a challenge.
  7. Thanks everyone. So as a rule it's always clockwise for winding the mainspring into the winder? To transporter's question. The gap in my mainspring winder where the spring threads through has a enough width that the spring doesn't necessarily coil over the top of the previous turn, it may be higher or lower in the winder. I think this is making it shoot out. One time I was able to get it in a good coil, put it into the barrel and pushed the button to push the spring from the winder into the barrel, but it didn't stay in the bar rel, it flung all apart. I have the same winder set in the attached picture.
  8. Sorry, yes. I'm using the claw tool. It is a plastic crystal, I'm not sure if it is because of the doming of it, but it almost looks like a tension ring is built into the glass. I think I have a press in a box somewhere, I'm a little afraid of it, and doing greater damage.
  9. Second newbie question for the day. I've taken level 1 and 2 of Mark's course. During the "how to use a mainspring winder" lesson he mentions if it's not catching you may have it backwards or upside down. If I twist the other direction it would catch. Do I turn clockwise or anti-clockwise? I guess I don't know how I would know if I have it upside down? I'm playing around with an old Vantage watch, bought my Watchcraft Bracelet mainspring winder. I think this is going to take a lot of practice, I kept having an issue where a) I didn't know which direction I should be going, but always got it to catch, however it would seem like the spring would float up and down in the winder barrel, so it wasn't in a nice neat spool. When I tried to press it back out it would shoot all over the place. On my fourth attempt it just went in a huge knot and split. So I guess now I have to buy a mainspring. *womp*womp* lol Is there some trick I'm missing in the video to successfully do this? Thank you experienced guys for putting up with and helping out with my newbie questions.
  10. So, I have a Seamaster Cosmic, I had someone else put it together, but I didn't have the right case at the time. I've got the case now. I'm trying to use the crystal press and it's little slider tool to put the crystal back in. Is there some magic secret to doing this? I put the crystal on the little slider thing. Clamp down with the crystal press, tighten it. I can see a lip around the bottom of the crystal, apply it into the case and start releasing pressure. From the videos I watch, the crystal should be in. Nope... not for me. I've tried at least 6 or 7 times, never get it. It feels like it's setting down in the case, but it just pops out every time. I thought maybe I don't have it tight enough, a couple times I almost couldn't loosen the press because it was so tight. Any guesses at what I may be doing wrong, or is there some magic trick?
  11. I'm just getting to read more comments after playing with it a little before work this morning. I removed the crystal and took off the hands. As suggested the movement is fixed to the dial. However it's still not coming out the front. I made the rookie mistake of trying to start taking it apart from the back. Oops, I should have know better, that's why Mark gave me an order of doing things for taking the movement apart in the lessons. Hopefully I haven't damaged anything. The crown is missing and I didn't see a stem sticking out, so i assumed it was all missing. I wonder if the stem was broken off with the crown and it's half in there still and holding it in place. Thanks for the input everyone. I'll have to play with this a little more tomorrow morning.
  12. One of the experts should weigh in, but my guess would be that you mention you have a Seagull movement. I'm going to guess the ST3600 movement and ETA 6497 are different enough that it's not interchangeable.
  13. Thanks, no bezel. Seems like a weird design because it's not a front loader exactly, but if you have to take the crystal off and then the movement comes out the back it seems like poor design.
  14. So this is my third teardown after watching Mark's lessons. I'm not sure how this one comes apart. I'm hoping with pictures someone has advice. So in the first picture I remove the two screws that look like they are holding the movement to the case. Looking at the size of the dial and the case design in the back, I'm assuming I have to take the crystal off to remove the hands so I can take the movement out? From my pictures, does that look correct? At first i thought that lighter colored metal ring came out, but it does not seem to move, I think it is part of the case?
  15. Nice score on the Memosail, those are pretty cool looking watches.
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