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  1. Junk evaluation

    Nice score on the Memosail, those are pretty cool looking watches.
  2. Casio

    Nice! I have the same model Casio. It's a great little cheap beater watch. I like your testing method for waterproof durability!
  3. Removing Caseback

    Is there a special name for these tools? When I google watch wrenches, everything that comes back are just Jaxa wrenches. I'll also try running the case knife under it to see if it pops off.
  4. Removing Caseback

    This is a very newbie question, but I always see descriptions/videos of how to remove casebacks, but I never see one that shows the type in my picture. Is there some kind of special wrench tools for these? I've tried the rubber ball, I always get the ball stuck on the lugs. I thought maybe Jaxa, but I can't seem to get things to line up with the flathead type bits. What's the best way to remove a caseback like I have pictured? Thank you for any advice.
  5. Finding an ETA 6497

    Item 173219804789 I went with the movement for now. I saw a case that I liked, I'm bidding on too. It looks a lot like an Ocean Crawler case. I thought it would be fun to make my own mock Ocean Crawler if I can find a face that is similar. Once I'm done learning how to strip the movement that is.
  6. Finding an ETA 6497

    I did a buy it now on a ST36 movement, $32 shipped. I'm excited to get to learn to strip down a watch and put it back together. I've got about 20 watches sitting in bins waiting to be put in working order after I learn some basics.
  7. Finding an ETA 6497

    Thank you very much everyone!
  8. Volga Watch

    I like the look of this watch. Nice!
  9. Hi, For the second course I understand the work is done on an ETA 6497 movement. Does anyone know a watch that I might score on eBay fairly cheap so I'm using the same one as in the lessons? I googled the movement and found a few new ones for sale (offrei and esslinger) at the $200-$250 range. It'd be nice if that movement was used in an el-cheapo watch I can get on eBay, I'm just not sure how to find out what watches would have that particular movement in them. Or does anyone have a recommendation of a movement I might find that is pretty similar, but cheaper to practice on than what I've found so far? Thanks for any advice.
  10. Hello from Omaha

    Hello, Last Friday I decided today's the day I take action, and I signed up for Course 1 and 2 of Mark's watch repair lessons. I've been into collecting watches for a number of years and have amassed a bunch of watches I'm excited to finally have the know how to dig into and get working. I'm looking forward to interacting on the forums and getting to meet everyone.
  11. Hi from the Philippines!

    Nice to meet you.