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  1. mbhorology

    soft solder for repairing recoil escapement

    Thanks all for the replies (with small misunderstanding in the middle). I think my lead free solder isn't helping matters here so I'll go lead/tin solder and the flux suggested above. I'll see what my local ironmonger has in stock.
  2. mbhorology

    soft solder for repairing recoil escapement

    Michael, thanks for the reply. I've had a quick look around and wondered if Bakers Fluid is the thing I need: https://www.rapidonline.com/bakers-no-3-soldering-fluid-125ml-84-2351
  3. What is the correct solder and flux to use for refacing a recoil escapement with an offcut of mainspring? As an experiment I've tried soft soldering using plumbers Plowerflow and lead-free solder with brass and that is fine, however the results on steel are hopeless; the solder just doesn't flow. I believe you are supposed to use a tin/lead solder, but I'm not sure on what flux you should use.
  4. mbhorology

    Watchmakers lathe collets

    Interesting and good info. Do you happen to know if they were referring to the collets which come with their lathe package https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Unused-Mini-Precision-Watchmaker-Lathe/282991424601?hash=item41e39a7459:g:9WAAAOSwM0FXIAbV or did they refer to these which are available separately https://www.ebay.com/itm/77-Pieces-Collets-for-8MM-for-Watchmakers-Lathe/401089759992?hash=item5d62d00af8:g:-ggAAOSwZ8ZW6fio Thanks
  5. mbhorology

    Watchmakers lathe collets

    Just wondering if you made any progress on this? I'm also considering the Chinese collets from Sincere Tools on eBay, so would be interested if anyone has experience of these?
  6. mbhorology

    Ultrasonic Cleaners

    Thanks for all the replies. Some good advice about cleaning antique brass here which I'm well aware about and the use of amonioniated cleaning solutions. Conservation is always a hot topic but for 20th century brass made of rolled brass the brutal cleaning methods are fine. Back to the ultrasonic cleaners it feels like these Chinese units are good for occasional use and only for short periods of time which probably suits my initial use anyway. If you happen to burn out the ultrasonic element can you get a replacement or is the unit a throwaway item which parts are not available. My other option is to purchase a higher quality unit. Can anyone suggest a fairly priced unit? Elma is an option I can see but they do cost 7 times the price of the Chinese unit!
  7. mbhorology

    Ultrasonic Cleaners

    At some point I'd like to add an untradonic cleaning machine to my workshop. I work on clocks and watches so I'd probably aim for a larger machine. There are lots of eBay sellers selling machines like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302691315924 They are so cheap I'd almost consider a small one for watch components and a bugger one for clock parts. Question is, are they any good or am I better going for a more expensive machine? Thanks
  8. mbhorology

    Choosing a replacement mainspring

    Thanks for confirming this. I'll purchase a new spring very shortly.
  9. mbhorology

    Choosing a replacement mainspring

    Thanks for the replies, I've added a couple of pictures. This is the hook: And this is the barrel (yet to be cleaned) The centre of the spring is a standard eye which goes onto a sailed arbor. Does the GR6413 have these bookings? Thanks Mark
  10. I'm new to this forum and fairly new to watch repairing (following BHI distance learning course) so I hope this question is in the correct place. I'm wanting to replace a broken mainspring in a pocket watch and have identified the GR6413 as the correct size spring. This has a "normal bridle", but I'm not familiar with this term. Can anyone advise me of the hookings for this spring? Is "Normal Bridle" the term that GR use for a resilient hook? Does centre of the spring have a eye cut for a snailed arbor?