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  1. Here is the photo from the eBay listing. One of the jars broke in shipping but I ended up getting refunded the full price except the shipping which was about $45. I have removed most of the paint and plan on painting it hammered black but I'm really liking the blue color you used. I also want to replace the power cord because it is very old.
  2. This looks a lot like the one that I bought off eBay that was an old Zenith. I assumed it came with the baskets but I was wrong and had to buy one off eBay. I'm still in the process of restoring it and hope it comes out as good as yours seems to be coming along.
  3. As the others have said, for leather I think the 18 mm should be fine. I just measured my NATO from Crown and Buckle and it was exactly 22 mm so that kind of strap might be a tighter fit.
  4. I saw you recommend it in another post but for some reason I thought it was just an accessory for the microscope. I'll have to give it a try since the light seems to diffuse well and not wash out the image like mine seems to do even if I bounce the flash.
  5. I want a microscope just for the pictures...
  6. I have a few natos from Crown and Buckle and have been pretty happy with them. My wife bought me a leather strap from Worn and Wound for Christmas and it is also very good quality.
  7. Good deal guys. This is exactly what I was planning on doing with Marks 2824 videos to see what he uses vs the recommendations from TimeZone School and the Technical Sheets. Bob, I'll look forward to your additions for budget options. I'm still waiting on a few eBay items to sell before I pull the trigger on more watch items.
  8. The 2836-2 arrived yesterday and it seems to be in great cosmetic shape. I tried winding with the rotor but it didn't seem to start so will have to diagnose after disassembly. It is missing the day wheel and whatever retainer holds that in place as well as the stem so I'll have to order those at some point. As far as the oils, I need to also rewatch Marks 2824 videos to see what all he uses as well. I honestly just want to get the basics needed to do a full service on these two movements to start out with and then expand once I get more watches that might need different oils.
  9. I was doing that for awhile with a media/backup server in the house but now I just pay Google $1.99/month and get 100GB I think.
  10. I'm very confused by the basic/optional recommendations for oil on the TimeZone course site. They don't seem to match what is recommended on the ETA Technical Sheets I found on Cousins. I would like to get a basic set that would work for both of these movements. Any Recommendations? Recommended for TimeZone Level 2 Course: Moebius Syntalube 9010 Moebius 8141 Moebius D-5 Glissalube 20 PML grease Moebius Syntalube 9020 (replaces 8141 on some train wheels, but 8141 still required) Moebius 9415 (replaces 9010 on pallets, but 9010 still required Recommended Oils by Tech Sheets: ETA 2836-2 Fine Oil: 9030 Thick Oil or Grease: Moebius D5 Grease: Jismaa 124 Special Oil for Pallet Stones: Moebius 941 Unitas 6498: Thick oil or Grease: Moebius D5 Fine Oil: Moebius 9010 Grease: Moebius 9501 Special Oil for Pallet Stones: Moebius 941 or 9415
  11. Defiantly not. Question - Did you do the animation yourself? I hope you use it in the future for explaining complex things.
  12. I noticed that too. Couldn't tell if it was too much like or an issue with the sensor of the camera.
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