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  1. Hi everyone, when you replace axle in the Rolex watch, do you use dome shape punch to brake axle like on the picture or different punch. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone I need help. Recently I did overhaul on my Rolex 1570. Assembled together and noticed when setting time the hour and minute hands are moving too loose and after push the crown back second hand moving but hour/ min hands not. Did I use wrong lube on center wheel pinion, used hp1000 What I did wrong, Thanks
  3. Hi everyone my name is Jacob and my hobby is to repair the watches. I need your help, advise how to replace the Rotor Axle in the Rolex 3135 and what kind of the tools I need. Do I need the staking tools like K&D and do I need the special also staking punch for Rolex 3135. Also, what do you think about generic Axle from the Ebay. Thanks
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