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  1. I have a Benrus Type II watch that I am wanting to have repaired and serviced. Has anyone heard of http://www.clevelandwatchrepair.com/? I have been unable to find a local shop willing to repair my watch and so I have been looking for an out of town shop. This guy emailed me back saying that he could make the repairs and completely service the watch for $225. Does this seem reasonable? Naturally I am VERY hesitant to send my watch off to someone I know nothing about...any help/info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I recently acquired three Benrus Type II dive watches. Two of them run but between the three I only have one complete split stem. I really know nothing about watch repair and am confused by the concept of a split stem. What exactly keeps the stem from falling out? Also, does anyone know anything about these Benrus divers? Would it be worth having them repaired/serviced? I picked these watches up for next to nothing and would be willing to dump some money into them if it makes economic sense. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.